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Hermes, the famous French fashion and luxury brands, Greater unified Chinese translation for " Hermes ." Years ago to manufacture high horse with well-known in Paris, France , and after the launch of luggage, clothing , scarves , perfume , enamel, jewelry and household goods, make the brand more fully diversified. Hermes headquarters in Paris, France , stores all over the world . After 160 years of vicissitudes , Hermes (Hermes) family, the joint efforts of several generations of students to the brand name far and wide . Early in the 20th century approaches, Hermes French luxury goods had become a typical representative . Hermes has been adhering to the extraordinary excellence , extreme gorgeous design concept , creating extremely elegant traditional model.

Hermès ( Hermès ) years ago to manufacture high horse with well-known in Paris, France , and after the launch of luggage, clothing , scarves , perfumes, enamel jewelry and household goods, make the brand more fully diversified. All of the products to the essence and beauty, impeccable, is the consistent aim of Hermès . Hermès has 14 products, including leather goods, bags , scarves, men and women clothing line, perfume, watches, most of them are hand crafted , no wonder they called Hermès products for profound thinking, high quality, content rich , exquisite works of art . Hermès boutique for people to return to the embrace of traditional elegance Hermes Pictures Hermes Pictures ( 20 ) . Hermès brand image building to its consistent high-grade , high quality principles and unique relaxed style of France , on this basis into the pop factor, which is the product never a charm reasons . To maintain high quality classic and will be first-class production technology , durable and practical performance and simple elegant and exquisite combination of elegance , Hermès not only the identity , status symbol , but also can make your life known as the timeless fashion thing . Hermès was founded in 1837 to manufacture high horse started to get involved from the beginning of the 20th century, senior clothing, since the fifties and sixties of last century launched perfume , suits, shoes, accessories , porcelain and other products, a full range of life spans grade representative. Adhere to self , do not drift Hermès has been kept simple and natural style , "the pursuit of truth I return to nature " is the Hermès design purposes, all of the products to the essence and beauty, impeccable is Hermès 's goal. Hermès brand all products are the finest selection of advanced materials, focusing on decorative , detail exquisite, with its excellent quality and won a good reputation . Hermès is French, very Duoaimashi (Hermès) fans often mistake their pronunciation . Correct pronunciation : Air-mez, note that the first letter H is not pronounced , do not read as " Hai Mashi " Oh . And English, " Hermes " is still a difference . Dating back to 1837 , was born in Germany ( 1801 ) , origin France Thierry Hermes, founding his harness manufacturing company, his first business is to horse collar . In order to allow horses to wear the best fit neck collar , Thierry Hermes spent a lot of time and effort, meticulous , and finally in 1867 the world's first-class leather exhibition business to get medals, has thus laid and carry out his harness leather series a solid foundation . However, this makes the hair harness manufacturing family business , when the advent of the automobile has been a great change in the third generation of Charles-Emile Hermes manipulation , the Hermes (Hermes) has not the verge of demise , instead hermes perfume ??hermes perfume Launch leather series and " saddle stitch " the trunk , creating a brand new style Hermes spirit , so that experience like Hermes reborn as the cause of the growth , and established the unique style of Hermes . In the 1920s, Hermès (Hermès) development path is also actively expanding into handbags, travel bags , gloves , belts , jewelry , notebooks, as well as watches , ashtrays , scarves and so on. Even in the fifth generation to take over after Robert DUMAS , but gradually Launched a perfume , ties , suits, shoes, accessories , bath towels, porcelain , jewelry, men and women clothing , watches and desk accessories series and other new products , so Hermes (Hermès) across the whole life truly representative of azimuth taste . Today's Hermes (Hermès) Group is divided into three systems , namely Hermès Sellier ( leather goods ), La Montre Hermès ( watches ) and Hermès Parfums ( perfume ) ; in the world with 186 stores, 56 retail counters , in order to maintain a consistent retains the taste and image of Hermes , all product design, the pattern for each store design , even the display cases are original custom in France , was airlifted to the country, is expected to maintain the centuries-old insisted . In 1837, Di Ye in Hermes in Paris Grand Boulevards opened a harness shop. 1867 , held in Paris Exposition , the Hermes with superb technology , to win silver. 1880 , inherited his father Charles Hermes , the shop moved to Fubao Road 24 , and is adjacent to the Presidential Palace . Ruff and his son Andrew in the assistance of Emile Hermes successful expansion in Europe , North America , the Americas and Asia. In 1892, a riding boots with strap bags was launched. 1914 , Hermes 's employed 70-80 professional saddle maker, while recognizing the unlimited potential of the automotive industry . In 1920, Emile Hermes brand to become leaders . Hermes operating range is extended to the original product outside of bags, luggage , travel goods, car accessories , scarves , belts , jewelry and watches . 1930s , Hermes launched several man talked about the classic series. Since then , "Kelly" bag (1935), Sac à dééches Briefcase ( 1935 ) , anchor bracelet ( 1938 ) and Hermes riding attire is listed in the legend on the list. 1937 , originally made ??for the Cavaliers inspired silk shirt Hermes scarf inspiration. In 1951, Emil died Hermes , whose husband and Jane Lo Lo special inner hub loyal cooperation . Hermes orange gift box carriage trademarks and witness a new stream of new products available . Robert father during his lifetime by the impact and actively participate in the creation of new products , interest in his scarf , the more famous Hermes scarf lay the foundation for a generation . 1960s and 1970s , a series of Hermes store in Europe, Japan and the United States opened . In 1978, the Year in 1938, the 5th generation family members, Mr. Du Mai to become the leader of Hermes . He will silk products , leather goods and fashion re-interpretation . In 1987, Hermes celebrates its 150th anniversary , and its unique combination of technology and art style has been affirmed. In 1991, Hermes borrowed " much of the party 's Journey " theme to pay tribute to Asia .

The current Hermes (Hermès) Group headquarters is located in the famous Fubao Road 24 , the responsible person is Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes Dumai - Hermes . One of the women was the chief architect Martin Margiela ( already retired ) , who since 1998 began加入爱马仕family winter Belgian designer , has always been low-key style to style and the pursuit of exquisite perfection of creativity, so Hermès (Hermès) Women retain Hermes (Hermès) Group still elegant , the rest of the design is not much , but it demonstrates costumes temperament, while demonstrating functional clothing with a high degree of comfort, today continued to Hermes (Hermès) captured the hearts of the important figures . All of the products to the essence and beauty, impeccable, is the consistent aim of Hermes . Hermes currently has 14 products, including leather goods, bags , scarves, men and women clothing line, perfume, watches, most products are hand crafted, no wonder they called Hermes products for profound thinking, high quality, content rich, exquisite works of art. The Hermes boutique , through its spread to more than 20 countries and regions, more than 200 stores , into the fast pace of modern life, let the world return to the embrace of traditional elegance . After 160 years of vicissitudes , Hermes family, the joint efforts of several generations of students to the brand name far and wide . Early in the 20th century approaches, Hermes French luxury goods had become a typical representative . 1920s , the founder Thierry . Grandson of Emile Hermes Hermes brand has commented : " leather products bring elegance to the extreme sports and the traditional ." Hermes Paris is a city of one specifically for the carriage supporting a variety of fine decorative harness shop , held in 1885 Paris Exhibition , Hermes won the first prize for such products . Since then, the son of Emile Hermes . Charles to build shops , production and sales of saddles and other items , and began retail business. With the emergence of automobile transportation and development , Hermes began converting, its exquisite craftsmanship among other products used in the production , such as wallets, bags , handbags, watches, belt, and some sports such as golf , polo, hunting and other aids required , and designed high-end sportswear. Hermes brand all products are the finest selection of advanced materials, focusing on decorative , detail exquisite, with its excellent quality and won a good reputation . In the history of Hermes , but also with the sensational news of time , is it the Prince of Wales in 1920 designed golf zip jacket , in the 20th century and the first successful design leather clothing . Hermes 's fourth-generation heir to cover Long and Luo Bote Dumas , at the basis of its leather products , has developed a perfume , the first paste and other new class , to the 1960s , continue to thrive, Hermes there are all kinds of fashion and perfume and other products. 1970 , Hermes was just a family of pure handicraft factory, but 15 years later, it has grown for the production of super high quality multinationals , turnover expanded five times , and now, Hermes size of the company is still expanding. 1992 turnover of 2.5 billion francs ( about RMB 37.2525 million yuan, net profit of 176 million francs . ) .

May 2011 Hermes (Hermes) submit an application to the International Arbitration Centre has a net Birkins ownership of the disputed domain name suffix , Hermes fashion company , said his company has a certain reputation and worldwide hold multiple "BIRKIN" relevant trademark dispute domain name confusingly similar to its trademark , and the late registration of its trademark registration time , the defendant has the faith registration and use of domain names in nature. Until May 30 , the disputed domain name does not resolve to any site , the case is still under investigation pending. June 2011 Hermes (Hermes) to submit an application for arbitration International Arbitration Center , Hermes fashion company said , "Hermes" trademark for many years , the distribution of cities around the world , with a certain reputation, the disputed domain name confusingly similar to its trademark and registered trademarks of their late application for registration time , the defendant has the faith registration and use of the disputed domain name in nature. Finally, the arbitration panel investigation, that the defendant should not be entitled to the disputed domain name legitimate rights and interests , and the two disputed domain name transferred to the complainant Hermes fashion company . Hermes company attaches great importance to protection of domain names , had also won the Hermes and HermesCopy dot net dot com and other disputed domain ownership . In 1837, the founder of the first generation of Hermes , when he was 36 years old Thierry Hermès and act as chief designer at the Paris Bastille Avenue Hermes high horse set up manufacturing facility officially opened. 1880 , the second generation of Hermes , president and chief designer Charles Emile HERMèS the original shop and factory moved to its present site Faubourg Saint-Honore 24, from the original manufacturers wholesalers to direct sales model, and began producing saddle. In 1889 , Charles Emile HERMèS eldest son Adolf joined the family business. 1900 , Hermes president Charles Emile HERMèS second-generation son , a third -generation president Emile-Maurice HERMèS, at thirty years of age successfully expanded its business to European nobility and Tsar Nicholas II Office . 1902 , Adolf HERMèS and Emile-Maurice HERMèS chief designer and the company changed its name to "Hermes Brothers ." 1903 Ford mass-produced cars in the United States . Emile-Maurice HERMèS realizing that the coming era , began to produce money clip , female wallets and purses for diversification policy . In 1922 , Emile-Maurice HERMèS acquired ownership from the hands of his brother , and the expansion of headquarters , the company name was changed to "HERMèS". In 1926 , Annie Bomel became responsible for Hermes merchandise window design . In 1951 , Emile-Maurice HERMèS 's son Robert Dumas became chief designer , and vigorously expand the scarves and perfume market. In 1973, senior British shoe company JOHN LOBB joined the Hermes Group . In 1977 , Leila Menchari as Hermes window design work . In 1978, the fifth generation of chief designer and CEO Jean Louis Dumas HERMèS office . Established in the Swiss watch market Binne La Montre HERMèS, fully into the watch industry . In 1998, Belgian designer Martin Margiela as Hermes women's designer , casual handbags Fourre-Tout and Herbag listed . In 2003, at the beginning , the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier as the new women's designer . January 2006 , the fifth -generation CEO Jean-Louis Dumas-HERMèS announced his retirement from when he was fifty -year-old Patrick Thomas -generation president. In 2009, rumors creative director Jean Paul Gaultier will be held in Paris in October last fashion show , after leaving the employment .

Hermès China Company Name: Hermes ( Shanghai ) Trading Co., Ltd. Company Address: China Shanghai 1266 Nanjing West Road, Room 1709, 1 Beijing , Chengdu , Shenyang, Dalian, Guangzhou, Harbin, Hangzhou , Kunming, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai , Shenzhen, Suzhou , Wuxi, Urumqi ( opening soon ) Edit this paragraph Hermes Kelly bag Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly bag is Kelly 's maiden name , the name "Kelly bag ." Each Kelly bag , by the global procurement staff from the annual auction to purchase the finest leather , selected after every piece of leather only choose the best part . Throughout sewing handbags carried by one master , compiled on the number , engraved with the names of craftsmen , a boutique was born. To have a kelly bag , must book at least six months in advance , even before the British Princess Diana , we must be patient in order to get her love of the valuable blue ostrich leather handbag. Some even have to wait six to seven years after the stock desirable , while its market price speculation has reached $ 60,000 or more. Kelly bag each with a variety of models , respectively, including 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, and mini sizes and other specifications, as many as 33 kinds of materials , colors, more than 209 kinds . Commemorative models Kelly bag Hermes and Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, Dior different brand of LOGO MONOGRAM not known , but made ??of high quality leather on the price of leather goods, captured the hearts of a lot of love brand names, but do not want to do mobile billboard famous people . Hermes Hermes (13 photos) One of the most famous of the two and KELLY BIRKIN handbag is , this two handbags reserve list also looks scary . Hermes Kelly Bag launch of the commemorative models Kelly Bag design originated in the hunter "saddle bags " is a Hermes leather series, the most veteran of the evergreen . In 1930, Hermes ladies to cater to the tastes of maintaining the Kelly Bag original style, only the size to be adjusted appropriately , so that women can take to the streets everyday use . In 1956 , "Life" magazine cover, Morocco, Princess Grace Kelly carrying the maximum size to crocodile leather Kelly Bag, leaving it with her pregnant body , revealing her sparkling charm of female beauty. This is undoubtedly an unforgettable page cover photo , so Kelly Bag roll frenzy . So , Grace Kelly , and named in her Kelly bag , which had the classic signs of that era and the impact so far . Grace Kelly Kelly Bag driven in addition to the hot, she was the first one who exposed waist scapula . Almost from their hands of her white silk gloves , as well as her name , Kelly bag, who is a classic symbol of that era and the impact so far . In 1961, she was wearing a white hat and gloves , wearing a green Givenchy skirt , with Kelly Bag return to the U.S. , its elegant and charming style of reading to do so Kennedy can not help but secretly sex wow , some outright fashion conversation , suddenly provoke another round of fashion "Grace wave ." 2011 Village Kelly bag ??2011 Village Kelly bag Hermes 2011 Spring Village Kelly bag The "Village Kelly bag " (Country Kelly) is a combination of two traditional craft products: basket weaving and leather production, elegantly simple , unexpected. Two rattan shell through herringbone calfskin strap with Barenia parts - inside pocket with flap and destroyed - connected , to ensure structural stability of the bag , easy to grip. Called a true small picnic baskets . Hermes kelly bag China section Hermes " sewing time " leather exhibition unveiling the world's first station Shanghai , one of the most compelling than the first public appearance of the 32 -inch golden honey-colored alligator and pigeon feathers Kelly bag Kelly bag . Treasures from the爱马仕巴黎this workshop specifically for this sub- leather leather exhibition design , the world's only this one , called the unique startlingly ambitious . Hermes leather series as evergreen , a Kelly bag through time and space and the interpretation of the enduring legend . In the beginning of the birth , Kelly bag is a design for the hunter , " saddle bags ." In 1930, while retaining the original style , based on the size to be adjusted appropriately for the ladies everyday use. 1956 , "Life" magazine, a shiny and full of feminine charm charming cover photo , it named the Moroccan Princess Grace Kelly , Kelly bag and laid a Kelly Bag successful world-class status . For half a century , has been the interpretation of the Hermes Kelly bag that has a long history of 170 years of the brand of elegant, sophisticated and romantic understanding.

Only 32 -inch golden honey-colored alligator and pigeon feathers Kelly bag is the Hermes for the first time while the use of feathers, rose gold and diamond three different materials and matching alligator , and intricate craftsmanship make it totally natural. Hermes Paris Leather Workshop took four days a combination of smooth and porous honey-colored alligator purse body, grace and elegance . Birds such as pigeons Warriors golden armor like chest tightly, dotted Bao Shen - This is Hermes leather goods and saddlery Ms. creative director Couli Jobert tribute to the Chinese traditional culture, especially designed . These feathers are the last one in Paris to work as a senior apparel industry feather processing master Lema Eliya (Lemarié) took 10 hours arrangement made ??by hand . 229 brown diamonds perfectly set in rose gold buckle on top of the package , color rich and harmonious , which is one month artisans brainchild . Chinese and Western cultural essence of the perfect combination of sophisticated technology to make 32 -inch golden honey-colored alligator and pigeon feathers Kelly bag became a legendary leather treasures ; luxurious materials and crafts and more will be immortal Kelly Bag Kelly bag elegant and classic highlight vividly . Hermes Birkin bag

Brand Story Hermes bags (Hermes Handbag) is the most famous is the Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) and Hermes " Kelly" bag (Hermes Kelly). The famous Hermes handbag section " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) is named after the French star Jane Birkin . 1986 listing of Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) is the fifth president of Hermes Jean Louis Dumas and French actress Jane Birkin encounter in a trip inspired design produced . Was Hermes (Hermes) president met on the plane of the French singer Jane Birkin, she complained to the president , and now can not find well-crafted and practical large bag , so Hermes (Hermes) , president specially designed for her a handbag, and named after her . Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) amplification to enhance , remove the cover of the structure , it will become possible as travel , using the Birkin bag or briefcase . Lizard Pibai Gold 2011 ??Lizard Pibai Gold 2011 Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) compared Hermes " Kelly" bag (Hermes Kelly) is more casual , free and easy , material and color selectivity Biaimashi " Kelly" bag (Hermes Kelly) more . And Hermes " Kelly" bag (Hermes Kelly) within the seam and the outer seam of the points difference is that Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) is a hard pack and soft pack distinction. Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) and Hermes " Kelly" bag (Hermes Kelly) from the 1980s , due to too popular, but limited production of craftsmen , the global approach to custom , the average ordered a , probably need to wait two years. If you buy a Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) bags, usually line up on the Waiting List , you will be notified after the arrival . The special system of law should be Order to enjoy . Order usually choose leather , fasteners and other details such . Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) bag the size 30CM, 35CM, 40CM, 45CM and other four different options, there are 90 different leather materials and colors can choose ( cowhide , sheepskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather , ostrich and lizard skin ) . Prices from the most basic models start at about 50,000 yuan , to the luxury of precious cortex of 30 million dollars. Each Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) front right piece of metal buckle on the back concave square box of the word , that represents the year ( for 1997-2022 years ) , while the 1961-1996 production of packages circular frame . On the other side of the letters and numbers, is artisans Code . Hermes " Birkin " bag Year code table 1997-A 1998-B 1999-C 2000-D 2001-E 2002-F 2003-G 2004-H 2005-I 2006-J Hermes " Birkin " bag bag opening rating logo explained Identified as "Λ" sign , on behalf of crocodile leather taken from the wild , the most expensive . Identified as . " ." Sign , on behalf of crocodile leather from captivity . If the Made in France under the engraved "S", which means that is a discount product . Kate Moss (Kate Moss), Catherine Zeta- Jones (Catherine Zeta-Jones), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker), Beckhams (Victoria Beckham), Demi Moore (Demi Moore ) , Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan), Nicole Richie (Nicole Ritchie), Faye Wong, Zhao Wei , Maggie Cheung , Carina Lau , Sammi Cheng , Cecilia Cheung and so are the Hermes " Birkin " bag (Hermes Birkin) super star fans. Edit this paragraph Jypsiere diagonal package Hermès Jypsiere This package belongs to a small diagonal package , the most prominent is its metal buckle design , with adjustable shoulder strap design , a total of five hasp to choose from. Wider shoulder straps let you carry more comfortable , very user-friendly design . All Aimashite Some designs can be seen in this package . Indeed, this is a classic for everyday use package . There are six colors to choose from .

Many people want to join Hermes luxury world, but often do not know where to start , while Hermes Evelyne series of handbags is a good starting point , whether you are Jiankua or diagonal , very good. There are some positive Baoshen perforation, composition H -shaped trajectory . Evelyne series of small money bag price although not cheap, but compared to other models , it has been very "reasonable ", and especially for one who uses clemence leather bag , do not worry almost obsolete. It is said that every 38 seconds around the world will sell a Hermes scarf. Scarf - Chinese Story ??Scarf - Chinese Story In 1937, inspired by the jockey jacket triggered designed called "Lady with the bus ," the first Hermes scarf was born. Since then, Hermes 12 designs each year , has been more than more than 100 styles of scarves presented in front of the world . Many classic designs such as "Ex-Libris", "BridesdeGala" and so on, after re- color and still popular , enduring. Each one scarf through the layers of checkpoints, would take 18 months to be born. In recent years, Hermes love theme design , so a little scarf , tells a vivid story worlds , creating another legend of Hermes .

Night , Sang Luzhuo Kings Mountain Nuya have brought to her plot twists and turns in the story wander and abrupt end when the dawn does not publish the story ending, in order to save their lives . Aladdin , Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ...... six stories in the one hundred and fortieth beautiful island in a seat , where there are many magical and free animals, the only residents of the island was a cruel hunter , to keep the animals in heaven becomes hell. He appeared, small antelope , leopards , turtles and colorful birds have hid in the jungle or fly to the treetops , and only the brave dare to face him a lion , but it is reckless in exchange for a death. " Whether only one on the island to find a simple pure creatures do ? " Kings Mountain Nuya asked. This " Arabian Nights" the combination of many narrators of effort, as Jamel Eddine Bencheikh said: "In India, the origin , pathways Persia, was recorded in the Arab Empire eventually included in the" western world ", a book ," these works in the eighteenth century by Antoine Galland (Antoine Galland) and in 1899 by Joseph - Charles Mulder Lv (Joseph Charles Mardrus) translated into French , which is one of the Eastern world by dumping poet , travel family and physician . The square on the interleave pattern inspired by the Egyptian Fatimid two beautiful doors ( were hidden in the Cairo Museum and the Egyptian Museum of Art , New York ) , square dotted pattern is a symbol of knocker to the East Persia , Syria, Egypt and the Maghreb 's door. 2 , deformation Garden Branches, oak fence , hand- built plant wall caught Gunma mane , make it lose control . Around them , exactly like goshawks black bear , looks like a fox squirrel , as well as the shape of wild boar and stag night the cat -like scared rabbits Dai ??Li aside, as guardian of the temple like watching them. Time stopped, no one knows which will be staged in the garden how fantastic repertoire. Four doors and inviting us into the magical world . This scarf is inspired by two aesthetic areas: the Italian Renaissance and was built in the eighteenth century in northern France Leigh Castle (le chateau de Raray). Mantova region Gong Zhage by royal summons , the painter Andrea Mantegna (Andrea Mantegna ,1431-1506) when you draw a drawing of a house drawing set with a circle inside a square pattern , round like a light well illuminate the entire space . Two centuries later , Lale castle became Jean Koch (Jean Cocteau) entrusted his film " Beauty and the Beast " ( 1946 ) was filmed , carved on the walls of the castle with a team of exotic animals queue. The film has a leafy oaks , this square pass out its nostalgia. 3 , the magic umbrella Once there was a king and his son ...... This is the beginning of the story . Who wants to marry an elegant , such as breeze , beautiful girl like birds prince lost the way back to the palace . Chestnut Laoxian gave him a magic umbrella , umbrella stands on the tip of a ceramic made ??beauty birds. With his umbrella children from west to east , from north to south traveled Quartet. Finally, when he kissed beauty bird lips when a doomed girl appeared in his eyes. Is the magic back to the palace , they held a wedding. Scarf - magical umbrella ??Scarf - magical umbrella Emile Hermes collection of a story as long umbrella . It consists of pheasant feathers sewn tip of an umbrella decorated with a Mason by the famous nineteenth-century German artisans ceramic figurines. Its body is made of flowers decorated his face veiled , it contains poetry inspired the designers of this towel . 4 , stallion Just as the stars in the sky gods drawn horse Pegasus constellation as scarves stallion Ascension also left scattered imprinting. Inspiration often comes from travel : Polish designers created this tour is the source of inspiration for the scarf . Was built in the seventeenth century Wan Chu special castle (le chateau de? Ańcut), is the earthly attractions, a variety of baby inside the treasure , which has a beautiful sled decorated with gold screws . One saw it , it will reminiscent of the golden little moonlight , the sound of snow sings loud, the frozen Northland scenery , warm fur ...... And this screw drawn horses. This pattern can be printed on horse lovers in black leather jacket and suede jacket back. Equestrian world of time and space will be forgotten, but the scarf was able to both behave properly Akira phase . 5 , Miao Pleated Corolla woven into cloth , pleated like a piece such as fan palm leaf unfolding , delicate embroidered pattern symbolizes the Hmong culture and its exquisite craftsmanship . Scarves - Pleated Miao ??Scarves - Pleated Miao They are nomads , well versed in the art of decoration , like wearing costumes , wearing the most precious accessories. Mountains of the Moon in southwest China , the Miao women weaving, batik , embroidery ...... meticulous and patient , their hands along with the stories and poems legend for generations , with the nation 's unique color and symbol depicting a harmonious picture . Where every girl has a pleated skirt , is the most beautiful costumes dowry : they will re- integration of each fold separately sewing , embroidery. And there are other jewelry with a pleated skirt , a huge headdress and other jewelry , such as folds between this horse is prancing ponies silver carving . This is pleated scarf witness an encounter with巴黎布朗利museum . This article provided by the Hermes pleated skirt has now become the museum 's collection . Designer : Aline Honoré 6 , China rhythm The square is about the story of an encounter . Hermes 's global artistic director Pierre - Alexis Dumai found in one trip Chinese artist Ding Yi 's works . His obsession , then invited Ding Yi visited Paris , and the latter to send him back to China after the painting , and now, the painting became one scarf ...... This painting brings people feel the city tremor . This arrangement made ??by the colorful bits and pieces of minimalist composition reminiscent of the glamorous skyscrapers , flashing lights and breathtaking jumping heavy traffic . Contemporary Chinese soul manifested so abstract : its rhythm impressive , its color like a never -ending life fibrillation. Designer: Ding Yi 7,1969 spring and summer and 1970 autumn and winter clothing line 1960s witnessed the birth of a new generation of women , they willing to break the stereotypes , advocating freedom. Dynamic, integrated campaign elements , baggy trousers and skirts comfortable ...... become the new darling of women closet ; stylish appearance and attitude shows a new state of mind. As unassuming as the young , elegant popular, the whole outfit natural, fresh , bold and yet soft demeanor , comfortable replacing the complicated pretentious. Hermes has always been and active women are closely linked , in 1969 spring and summer to autumn and winter 1970 women's collection in New York's Fifth Avenue Bonwit Teller store sales . " New York Times " reported on this incident was . And by the famous illustrator Jay Crawford (Jay Crawford) created a series of small statues - one can see from Kelly bag , " horse bit with the horse armature " pattern dress, or "hidden bookmarks " pattern pullover - inspired this vintage silk scarf creations. 8 , the sun god Phoebus sash This combination strange and harmony, unusual and very bold : rough austere Baroque lace and sun , glorious ancient Greek god of light, Phoebus (Phoebus), curling ribbon by a simple leather connections. Beautiful always born in the unusual combination. TitanTitan

Also known as Phoebus Apollo , the sun is a symbol of the god of wisdom , but also the muse leader, he is always depicted as wearing a crown , bright as the stars in the day until dusk. The center of the star pattern borrowed from the "day of glory " (Gloria Soli) square, Sundial telling the Latin poet Horace if (Horace) wisdom reminder - treasure Years (Carpe diem). There are a number around the sun , and those are the sash tied Zama (Sangles), the lace pattern was also used for other square . Sometimes, as long as the two scarf knot together , or a scarf scarves stacked on top of one another , we can create different effects, and makes the decision that we should not be able to choose which one to go with our style clothing . Sun and ribbons mix of these two patterns has also spawned a similar novelty effect : It seems extraordinary combination can really bring surprises. Designer : Joachim Metz 9 , Invisible Tibet bookmark They snorted irritably , rage, get rid of the reins, vacated leaps , bolted forward ...... At first glance, this is nothing but colored spots printed by the manic horses camouflage pattern . Looked him up , you will find in the circle H, carriage and its opposite groom ...... In 1923, Emile Hermes decided to choose their own private collection of Tibetan bookmark. He hung a painting in the office to get inspiration , just to simplify its outline , coupled with the brand's initials can be. This painting is the name " Duke waiting coachman ", the era of Napoleon III of France, is the popular " equestrian " theme painter Alfred de Dreux (Alfred de Dreux). As the years change, he created patterns become the brand's logo: Duke , elegant chic carriage, with uniformed servants wait while the groom , as well as that horse , calm but a dream ride, across the barrier , run wild ...... Designer : Benoit-Pierre Emery 10 , gold spurs At first glance, this is a harmonious and complex interleaving composition , skillfully belt with metal rings and rings mix together and rose floral scarf pattern embedded into ...... Further closer look , you can tell where each element. Repeat these elements it is full of dynamic rhythm, both calm and curious . We could not help but a finger , to no beginning nor the end of this large network of careful study of the mysterious something . "A pair of knights of the players must be combined with ' smart, gentle, strong ' three characteristics ," Francois de拉戈希尼耶- Louis XV era knight wrote so many of his maxims still being created in 1825 the French riding school Saumur black Knights regarded as a classic . To combine the three almost certainly demanding , but in this square scarf has been well represented. Spurs , Suomiao Palma stirrup , bridle buckle and three hoop gold whip : Saumur Black Knights harness in this square has left these or curved or straight lines . Designer : Henri d'Origny 11 , a gala dinner Costumes, evening gown , wearing a crown feather hair ornaments, elegant ladies holding their arms from the Republican Guard Knight queue through . People gathered in the square , vying for a glimpse of the solemn procession queue style and beautiful companion who . Theater Square with a variety of repertoire. Paris Opera brightly lit, public Muses statues tricolor fluttering overhead : the god of poetry , music and dance, the god of gods just echoes of the French Republic on the banner of the three colors. Little angels holding a reflector lamp , a lady is off the wagon , and the other two ladies whispered talk up her dress , men are proudly showing off their gorgeous attire , a musician holding a violin to the song Theatre Artist channel trot around ...... let - Louis Ke Laike (Jean-Louis Clerc) in such a lively and humorous portrayal of a stroke turn of the century Paris Ukiyo-e . Designer : Jean-Louis Clerc 12 , timpanist gentle and bold he rode the horse , foot stirrup light step drill many times already issued instructions : he must use both hands to play the drums . This is a festival , a parade . Strong horses Long supported him steadily , drums, heavy footsteps and decorations on horseback knocking sound emitted intertwined. Local drummer steady drumming on horseback , action firm , thoughts are flying out : whether his lover among the crowd enjoy his performances ? Timpanist

Timpanist Roman goddess of fate parka (Parques) weaving, extension , cutting the fate of the clues , hiding many secrets between each stitch . Young girl intently with spots, flat needles, stitch ribbed depicting various drawings, hand- embroidered fine drummer badges, cap pompon on the hem lace accessories and clothes , while doing her needlework while chanting Psalms : " Busy dress and sisters, Dashing to my triumph hiring side, Look at the face gleaming drums , In his hands enthusiastically cheering With drums mad Tiaodang heart children . ( Victor Hugo , " drummer fiancee " ) She Is not That timpanist fiancee do ? Designer : Frangoise Héron 13 , Washington 's carriage Every city in the United States , there is a monument or a street to pay tribute to Washington . He put the Potomac River on the shore of the land designated as federal capital , and its name , as he was named Washington the same. At the time, George Washington always shuttling their apartment in New York between the federal Department . Let us return to 1789 he was first elected as the first U.S. president on the occasion : in the joy of the crowd and surrounded by luxury escorts , Washington sat in a luxury decorated with eagle wings carriage . Three years later, one called J · Robert Hart (J. Robert Hart) painter under carriage manufacturing process, created in London called "George Washington built like carriages in London , 1972" (a Profile of the carriage of George Washington made in Londona. Drawn in 1792) watercolor ( collection at the end of Tello Henri Ford Museum ) . The square 's design inspiration is derived from this , it is reminiscent of the carriage to that witness history , it seems that on the same square . Designer : Caty Latham 14 , very Kelly Scarves and kelly Hermes Kelly bag with the same signature product , and now the two have been combined . In 1956, the birth years of this legendary bag was officially named "Kelly Kelly" , simple style make it a timeless classic. Unpretentious , elegantly proportioned , eliminate unnecessary decoration, Kelly bag every detail with a high degree of recognition , both practical and aesthetic meet recognized standards. Another iconic details have two to saddle stitch sewing drawstring top inlaid metal rectangle superimposed through the annular shaft, then hang exquisite small lock bag to close it . In this square , and a dozen interconnected Kelly bag , change a variety of angles and patterns , like giant Meccano combination of toys. Designer : Benoit-Pierre Emery 15 , suddenly ...... " At a certain moment in Paris , all serene quiet ...... " the foot of Sacre Coeur , Montmartre summer sun on the roof of the jump. Fubao Avenue , the line people calm before the trip, went to their work . Silence is still shrouded in the streets of the capital , only the roof of Fubao Road 24 sent a tremor : a sudden ...... Plus the word mentioned a few scenes will make suspense after another , horse 's action allows viewers hold your breath . As if a Man ??comic book , this square takes us into the unknown outcome of the story . Imagine galloping horse like unfettered dazzling . " To be continued ...... " Designer : Dimitri Rybaltchenko Edit this paragraph " Please security " square through patterns scarf Hermes " Please security " square scarf with humorous way analysis of a fashionable woman in the Ti Kaili Paris contents of the package , revealing her treasure and her secrets. Handbags are one of a woman's most intimate items , can be seen from its owner's personality . Handbag containing her documents , her notepad, she recalled those loaded with personal belongings , but also filled with keys and key chains, amulets , cosmetics , coins ...... and so on. X-rays penetrate the outer layer mercilessly , without masking items in rake in the package , but also interpret the overall structure of the handbag , handle , shoulder strap , padlock and bells , studs on the bottom bracket , and even a small scarf Twilly tied to the handle of the bow can not escape examination. Edit this paragraph 2008 spring and summer jewelry

Cufflinks, cufflinks rose gold and Smoky Quartz The new "H nails" cufflinks can make Smoky Quartz with all dark match. Rose gold against the backdrop of light and shadow game with a charming and harmonious , subtle and full of mannish . Bracelets , Swift calfskin bracelet Soft touch, comfortable to wear, these leather -coated pressure Ji- seam bracelet not audible. Do not hesitate , reach them together to form a row of colorful lines , or with the brand's iconic enamel bracelets worn together now . Fine bracelets, fine enamel bracelets Like the Indians , as required on each wrist, wear more than one. Indian-style pattern , painted pattern, flowers , leaves and circles

Ring , both innocent and fun and full of great variety , complement each other. Belt silver bracelet Inspiration from the ancient style , this bracelet from a horse bit design draws inspiration. A shiny silver bridle leather with rough together, coupled with its wide bracelet face , with a strong and firm modernity. Silver bracelet From the " anchor chain" blowing a gale . The bracelet chain link of different sizes will be issued as nice as the bell ding-dong sound. The arrangement is really just looks messy appearance : In fact, the link between the portfolio has been carefully calculated to produce melodious rhythm . Long necklace , silver " Anchor chain" chain link and extending out into a circle circling , room with a long soft chain . Can be a single ring or double ring wear. Rings, rose gold inlaid brown diamonds Rose gold and brown diamonds between the warm and sensual in perfect harmony . Purely cylindrical ring paved with dome -style inlay diamond , showing superb diamond mosaic . Edit this paragraph Wide Enamel Bracelet

Wide, bright colors , geometric shapes - Hermès of Balcon du Guadalquivir Wide enamel bracelet contains all the popular elements of the summer , but only culture to make it unique. Wrought iron balcony by the Spanish Andalusia inspired design , flash enamel showed more vivid colors . Enamel timber Wide Enamel Bracelet ??Wide Enamel Bracelet Qualitatively pattern is very simple, thin black lines outline the edges are not neat, but not perfect in order to reflect the free and unrestrained Andalusia ; perfect curve of the standard pattern if it loses its charm and become second-rate design . Gold edging winding wrist like a ray of sunshine , but also an exquisite bracelet made ??annotations . Edit this paragraph

Hermes (Hermes) and did not like most of the brand, to create a home with a strong brand character set , but is more flexible design of the pioneering perspective can be any combination of a single product mix and match , like toys as you can random wild . NAPPA calfskin with sea snakeskin sandals The sandal has a staggered shoelaces, with eyes wide and light texture . From ancient muse who draw inspiration precious , soft Nappa calf deep in the sea light gray snakeskin reflective passing strange taste. NAPPA calfskin with sea snakeskin sandals ??NAPPA calfskin with sea snakeskin sandals Goatskin leather sandals with lamb The boutique is a classic lucky shoes (Ghillie) summer version. Iconic tailoring , wedge wedges , classic perforations , patterns and tassel detail are highlighted in black and white contrasts . NAPPA calfskin sandals The Ministry of sandals with high vaulted arch design and dark navy blue and unique. By the leather-wrapped two pyramid silhouette "Collier de chien" stud was smooth rounded curves overall breakpoint elements involved . Edit this paragraph

1 , carriage patterns : This is the Hermes harness from the beginning of a long history and tradition of fine quality symbol . 2, H fonts : LOGO brand name for the now popular for exaggeration , Hermes is not so subtle it. So only the "H" shaped in the last couple of years on the product often. In addition to Hermes "H-our elegant Hour" watches outside shape of the mirror , in which men and women can be seen on slippers . 3, Hermes signature: the Hermes leather or metal can be seen . Below is usually a line PARIS

Hermes 2010 Winter Women Bags Hermes ( Hermes ) 2010 autumn and winter series of new bags on the market. Ornate design , detail description, bright colors, fans will be able to Hermes loved by many . Hermes classic models of the new casual version . This large -capacity bag exudes casual leisurely taste . Sikkim calf 's soft touch , coupled with a large handle, seems to invite you to immediately put it thrown over your shoulder , enjoying a leisurely moment . Antiques Auction package deal 904,000 Ed auction (Artcurial) semi-annual Hermès antique bag and brand products Auction last week's total turnover reached 904,000 euros , the field is full of Hermes ( Hermes ) in the history of cream products , affordable treasures and amazing things . This auction has 637 lots at auction, the turnover rate of 89.5 percent , the highest price auction is a blue alligator Birkin handbags to 3.7714 ten thousand euros turnover . Crocodile Birkin handbags are dominating the evening star, a pale green handbag price reached 3.5236 million euros, another black handbag price reached 2.7801 ten thousand euros - which is even worse than the jewelry also , a Vend? me necklace price dwarfs , only 1.1476 million euros. A platinum diamond ring sold only 2,805 euros , a " moderate degree of wear " white calfskin Kelly handbags also the price.