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NIKE English intent refers to the Greek goddess of victory. NIKE is the world famous sports brand, Nike translated into Chinese. The company is headquartered in Oregon, Beaverton. The company produces all-inclusive sporting goods: clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. Early September 2011, Nike shoes alleged foreign are different, with high prices, but less domestic Shoes cushion. Outline Nike is the world's leading sporting goods manufacturer, headquartered in Oregon, produces all-inclusive sporting goods: clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. Nike trademark logo is a small hook. Nike Nike Nike has been around the world will inspire every athlete and offer the best products as glorious task. Nike's language is the language of movement. Nike has put a lot of manpower and material resources for new product development and research. Nike's first Air technology to the sports world has brought a revolution. The use of this technology to produce sports shoes can well protect the athlete's knee, in its movement as severe decreases when landing impact on the knees. Nike (Nike) Brand Description: In 1908, Massachusetts Lean built a shoe factory, the local shoe-making technology has been further developed. Where do the workers are no longer independent nike shoes, shoes each production chain by a trained person responsible. Production line began to form. Initially the nike shoes are still made, but in order to enable workers in the off-season something to do, start doing shoes Square boss shoes without reservation. These shoes are called shoes for sale, placed in the local shop window. [1] In early 2009 the Clot Edison Chen brand and Nike (Nike) the joint new red Chinese shoes Clot Nike AIR FORCE 1 in Shanghai on the market, it becomes berserk object. In the United States, there are many as 70% of teenagers dream is to have a pair of Nike (Nike) shoes. Nike shoes Nike shoes Edit this paragraph Brand languages

1963, University of Oregon graduate Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight alumni co-founded a company called "Blue Ribbon Sports company Nike shoes Nike shoes "(Blue Ribbon Sports) company, the main sports in 1972, Blue Ribbon company changed its name to Nike, began to create their own legend. Company founder Bill Bowerman since 1947 after graduating from the University of Oregon has stayed on as a track coach, who trained in the history of the world track and field legend - Steve Prefontaine (Steve Prefontaine). Bill Bowerman childhood family was poor, rough experience cultivated his iron will. The current chairman and CEO Phil Knight as the company's two main founders of Nike's development also contributed. In 1959, Phil Knight graduated from the University of Oregon, a bachelor's degree in business administration, a year later, he entered the prestigious Stanford University to pursue an MBA. Strict management education so that he has become a good manager qualities. In later years, two alumni join hands in the same boat, led the company grows. Today, Nike's production and business activities all over the world on six continents, and its total number of employees reached 22,000 people, with the company's suppliers, shippers, retailers and other service personnel close to 100 million people. Nike has been around the world will inspire every athlete and offer the best products as glorious task. Nike's language is the language of movement. Three years later, the company has always been committed to create every opportunity to show themselves. Nike know: Only the use of advanced technology to produce the best products. So all along, Nike put a lot of manpower and material resources for the [[new product]] development and research. Nike's first Air technology to the sports world has brought a revolution. The use of this technology to produce sports shoes can well protect the athlete's body, especially the ankle and knee, to prevent its movement as severe sprain, reduce knee impact and abrasion. Using air cushion technology of athletic shoes, once launched on the popular. Ordinary consumers and professional athletes love it. In 2001, the Nike Air technology in the developed and then introduced a new type called Shox cushioning technology. Produced using this technology of sports shoes is also popular, sales are rising. In addition to outside of shoes, Nike apparel is also no shortage of innovative. For example: the use of FIT technology to produce high-performance textiles can effectively help athletes in any weather conditions for training and competition. Manufactured by Nike and other sporting goods, such as: watches, glasses, etc. are all high-tech crystal. Nike logo Nike logo (4) NIKE name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, and easy to read and easy to remember, can be called very loud. Nike trademark symbolizes the Greek goddess of victory wings of feathers, representing the speed, but also represents the dynamic and gentle. Nike Nike trademark, logo is a small hook, concise style, acute, such as lightning, to see people think of using the Nike sports goods produced after the speed and explosiveness. For the first time to "Nike" name sports shoes, shoes with square convex tablets to enhance the stability of the body of the shoe lined with knife-shaped curved hook, a symbol of the goddess of the wings. About

CI system specifies the name of the standard Nike Swoosh logo in different words and the use of norms and the distinction between. SWoosh logo is the product logo, appear on all products and advertising, while Nike's name, logo, then experienced a major adjustment, standard originally italic uppercase character and symbol combinations SwooSh contrast effect is so intense sense of balance in order to coordinate , the company re-hired a lowercase 70s, reflecting the traditional history. Its strength lies in its history, it's not nostalgia, but passion is our label and our voice. Nike standard word as a name brand identity, appeared in the company, public service, shopping malls and image promotion activities. The new strategy, making Swoosh logo on the CI system played a role in a more appropriate and effective recognition. Development Introduction In a watch football when held in Shanghai, Nike's vice president Gordon Thompson noticed the Nike logo various sizes appear countless times in the Dallas team members jerseys, flags, vending machines and many other places. Thus, Gordon Thompson said: mark the extent of flooding has to be a certain specification. Nike's design department assigned to develop a comprehensive system of sign application specification, the annual flag should be applied on the site, stores, as well as more than 20,000 kinds of products within the company, and therefore requires the use of special emphasis logo elastic. The development process 1.1971 years because of the victory goddess Nike named a pair of dancing wings, student Carolyn Davidson designed the first Swoosh logo. 2.1978 years, the Nike Swoosh logo shaped by the border becomes reality, the word appears in the bottom of the standard, more eye-catching highlights. 3.1985 years, the flag combinations in a square, forming positive and negative effects. 4 Today, Swoosh logo based on the need to be used alone. Edit this paragraph History

In 1958, when founder Phil. Knight Oregon (Oregon) State University track team players return home after graduation to teach in Portland. In 1964, Knight and his coach Bowerman each invested $ 500, set up a sports shoe company, named Nike. 1972, NIKE company was officially established. NIKE its predecessor was the incumbent president Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman Coaching investment company Blue Ribbon Sports. Edit this paragraph Establish the status of Nike's dominance in the victory over a strong opponent after another established. For example, as a rising star, Nike, Adidas has faced tremendous pressure. The company is known for its founder - German Adi Dassler (Adi Dassler) named, is the world's oldest sporting goods manufacturer. In 1936 the 11th Olympic Games, an outstanding African-American athlete Jesse Owens running shoes foot ǰϴ˹ captured four gold medals in one fell swoop. Since then, as the world's best track and field shoes, Adidas thriving for decades. In 1972, the first available start selling Nike shoes. Over the next 20 years, gradually Nike, Adidas completely eaten lunch. Today, Adidas's sales in the United States ranked only No. 4, was Nike's far behind them. Where the problem is it? Adidas footwear marketing director Eric Liedtke said: "Adidas sneaker designers in the design, it does not know who the potential buyers is not familiar with customers, and this is the crux of Adidas: it has been in the manufacture of good shoes, but substandard consumer tastes. "For example, Adidas introduced its unique ClimaCool ventilation system, this new technology allows the entire sports shoes industry very impressed, but sales are flat light, apparently because the color and style too monotonous. Liedtke said: "Adidas brand of high quality and durable world renowned, but not charming." As a marketing strategy, the company has specially invited customers to seek their views, they asked some of the children, said: "If someone wearing Adidas participate party, where they will haunt? "the children replied the boy wearing Adidas shoes will be mixed in with the pile of boys together to talk about girls, but they are nothing but a boy wearing Nike shoes and girls together. The influence of Nike and Adidas in football there is a big gap. Adidas is the World Cup, European Cup sponsors, and to provide the World Cup, European Cup, Champions League, Bundesliga and other events with the ball, and the Adidas contract stars, among them, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Kaka, Xavi, Villa so The popular star, and sponsored by Adidas Real Madrid, AC Milan, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern's football giants like Nike Adidas in football need more than great effort. As the saying goes, "The waves pushed forward waves." Nike beat old rivals also have to face emerging out of the sporting goods company's challenges. In the past 10 years, New Balance's market share has been steadily growing. When the sports shoes manufacturers to seize the youth market, yet the market positioning of new balance in older consumers. New Balance is very aware of their customer base. From its inception, the company has never deviated from population statistics. Meanwhile, the new equilibrium is not a listed company, so do not withstand the pressure from Wall Street stock market. It can get rapid development is not surprising. Athletes face every day a problem is how to overcome self, to maximize their potential. And succeed in a highly competitive market in an invincible position, Nike also need to think about this issue carefully. Edit this paragraph Success Factors

In a world where image is everything, Nike is the world most people recognize one of the signs. To understand the success of Nike and corporate culture, for its logo is essential to understand, because it is the Nike brand has become so ubiquitous a commercial logo. As is too well known, so that in the Nike ad I saw the Nike logo, but did not see the name of the company, because they have a full grasp of people see this symbol that know this is Nike, without which only a fragment language. It became a cultural icon, a Nike used to increase brand value, visibility, and status icons. No one sporting goods company's brand as it is less known. To prove this point, Just ask anyone what the Reebok logo. They might mind a blank. In fact, the Reebok logo with a "vector" means, it just was not ready, so that consumers know or want to see it. Nike with advertisers to post and Kennedy (wicden Kemledy) in cooperation with the hope that this Gogo on all advertising signs can be seen clearly. The company's advertising and marketing budget, estimated to be about 10% of annual revenue up, just to sign seared it engraved in the minds of consumers. Why is this logo for Nike's corporate culture so important? Reason is that it's ancient wisdom and the United States "just do it" (Just Do It) are inseparable. Nike does not sell shoes, it sold a way of life, which is key to its success. This flag incentive for the people, as well as the philosophy behind the drive and determination, is that everyone is related, whether you are not athletes. Employing a style of Nike inspirational language to motivate consumers. No matter who you are, your hair or skin color is what you suffered physical or social life, what limitations, Nike convince consumers that you can do. It tells people to pull ourselves together, grasp the steering wheel of life and action. In the "just do it" behind the ad, is a very American-style ideology; However, with the progress of globalization, the original ideology of what the United States, become a common desire around the world, eager to there is a level playing field, allowing people not only in sports, but in every aspect of life are a short length of contention. This can be traced back to early American pioneer spirit, and their desire for success. Nike is undoubtedly the great American dream of global marketing and promoting their work ethic; Nike tells its customers, if you are determined to fight for, you will surpass others, to conquer everything. Borrowed by such methods, namely the use of people's fervent desire for success, Nike has also created its own kind of personality and attitude. Through clever use of a very simple ad punch line, it succeeded in an attitude toward life into commodities they sell. Nike Sports overlord: Nike (NIKE) Edit this paragraph Suspected fraud

Wang first person posting the domestic crackdown directed at the purchase of Nike basketball shoes of varying quality and publicity: only 500 yuan higher than the price abroad, and in foreign sales to the domestic double cushion into a single cushion. Nike Sports (China) Co., September 7, 2011 reply, said that Nike has started investigation process, is investigating the exact circumstances of the event. Single cushion bivariate September 7, 2011, Wang said that he was in Beijing Xidan Joy City store to buy a pair of Nike NIKE ZOOM HYPERDUNK 2011 basketball shoes, basketball shoes, which found that the quality of products and foreign are different, sold in the U.S. There are two title with Shoes title A ZOOM cushion, while sales in China, but only a ZOOM cushion, and Nike shoes for foreign propaganda which has been double heel and forefoot cushion. In addition, Wang said that the same product in the domestic and foreign price gap is too large, unified domestic sales price at 1,299 yuan, while Nike official website of the United States the price of the same product is $ 125 (about RMB 780 yuan), 500 yuan lower than domestic. Wang believes that Nike this alleged fraud, he had BAIC West Branch Report, Trade and Industry Bureau, after investigation, filed a lawsuit to the court to require Nike to all consumers return and double compensation. Event Processing September 7, 2011, log on Nike Chinese official website, in which basketball shoes page and see the six introduction, but no one is for air content description. Wang said that Nike September 7, 2011 the morning of urgent update of the page, delete the "heel and forefoot ZOOM AIR to bring your feet soft, highly responsive cushioning protection" description. "Nike's approach, in fact, false propaganda has admitted the fact that the Chinese consumer fraud, but unfortunately, Nike did not apologize, did not recall this shoe tell consumers can request double compensation." Wang said. Normal sales For this, the Nike Sports (China) Co., September 7, 2011 reply, said, attaches great importance to the incident, was informed immediately after the start of the investigation process, are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident, pending completion of the investigation process, the will immediately communicate with consumers. As for Nike products are differentiated state, the removal of the official website of the relevant descriptions and other issues, the other no positive answer. September 7, 2011, visited the Nike store and found ZOOM cushion basketball shoes normal sales. Sales staff said the company had not received "off the shelf" notice. Edit this paragraph Production Process

NIKE company since 1999, the use of electronic data interchange contact their supplier directly to clothing styles, colors and quantity conditions for EDI mode single and pay loans on shortened to three to four months. It also requires the supply of fabric weaving factory first U.S. company to report a newly developed fabric swatches, fabric by the designer choose the right design for the clothing styles, and then orders for clothing manufacturers; and garment manufacturers are using cloth must be approved by the company NIKE weaving factory production. In this way, weaving plant must plan ahead for NIKE company to buy new products. But because it is the buyer specified fabric, garment manufacturers to give the buyer to reduce the time set cloth, garment manufacturers will increasingly shorter delivery time, from the previous 180 days to 90 days. Manufactured in China NIKE NIKE shoes 95% return to the U.S. market. NIKE company in China's business model is based on agents operating mainly small business own business operations. Like Road Kyrgyzstan, Rena, across the world, the first exploration companies are NIKE's agency. NIKE mode of transport in China is mainly road transport, there is a small part of the involved air transport. Products manufactured outside entrust a third party logistics company shipped directly by air transport in major cities in China NIKE corporate offices warehouses, such as Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai. Products manufactured in China also commissioned a third party logistics company in the way road freight transported in major cities in China NIKE corporate offices warehouse. This part of the transportation, warehousing costs are borne by the NIKE company. For the NIKE company is concerned, do not do shipping, transport links are completed by a third party logistics company, transportation costs only assume from the origin to the warehouse this link regional offices, warehousing is a self-managed office. The primary function of the warehouse as the head office directly under the store's warehouse, not every agency's warehouse; Another important feature is the transit warehouse, products shipped to regional warehouses from the origin, the agency will immediately shipped to their warehouse to pick up So do libraries use transit. Various agency-owned vehicles, to NIKE company local office warehouse delivery, shipped to their warehouse, and then shipped to the company's various shops agent. This part of the transportation, warehousing agents themselves are completed, transportation, warehousing costs are borne by agency. Edit this paragraph The main products Football Class

Nike Mercurial Series Nike's most brilliant ingenuity of football products released since then completely changed the football boots design. Nike Mercurial c Lo Boots Nike Mercurial c Lo Boots O Nike designer Peter Hudson (Peter Hudson) is able to produce a lightest, fastest soccer boots, outlined at the beginning of the design sketches, they decisively to make a decision: no restrictions. The exclusion of the money, time and manufacturing processes and other factors, the designer can be fanciful, break all the scientific boundaries, creating an entirely made of carbon fiber football boots. This initiative unprecedented. For Nike, the results of this initiative is born Mercurial SL: 190 grams of weight The lightest Nike Mercurial SL football boots topped the throne, but it is also by far the fastest response, toughness strongest and most solid football boots. Entire section is extremely simple shoes, without the slightest extra design, while not losing any performance. From the beginning, Mercurial SL is not designed for sale, it is designed with the same concept car: to lead innovation, to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of design and engineering. However, Mercurial SL has powerful effects in creating a new concept at the same time, Nike found that these innovative ideas and products to the athletes will be more meaningful. For Nike, the three-year-old Mercurial SL development projects on four continents gathered the wisdom and sweat of many professionals, Nike and industry experts around the world and specialized companies to cooperate, they are experts in their respective fields of . Mercurial SL is the core of making the use of carbon fiber, which is a lightweight strong material, widely used in aerospace and automobile manufacturing and other industries, the use of which itself poses some challenges. The chassis for the shoe, Nike cooperation with the German company, to create a 7 layer carbon compound material, and then mixed with TPU and polyurethane, and the material to achieve the best performance. No pliers to help self-contained chassis. This structure provides torsional stability for the athletes can increase the propulsive force on the court. Foot closer to the ground, giving players a smooth ride and smooth feeling. Within the extension of the reinforcement to provide support for the foot, increasing the toe kicks the impact weight, and to avoid reverse bending occurs during ball. Carbon fibers are woven together in a special angle, so you can achieve maximum flexibility, lightweight and fit the support, while no loss of strength. Studs and spikes are added in Korea on the soles by injection molding to form a single large bottom piece. Spike is running fast athletes provide ideal grip, the athletes on the court when dribbling or running can accelerate quickly. SL heel guard bucket design is very small, for fixing the position of the heel. In Italy Montebelluna Nike Research Centre, the engineers created a new process, which will carbon fiber material such stubborn mold into a soft sport shoe uppers. Forms must be functional services. Mercurial SL carbon fiber color to black. The only added color is pink Nike tick. O designer Peter Hudson explained that, "This kind of colors so you can not help but get closer view, then you'll see exquisite design details." Mr. Hu Desen said, "Mercurial SL is our promises - a light quality, superior performance, quick acceleration football boots was born, it is not only for football players athletic ability sets a new benchmark, but also a breakthrough in the concept of limiting product, a product based entirely on the design of the vision of our dedicated Football and the production Mercurial SL and design and beauty in one. " Mercurial SL is intended for fast speed athlete, spokesperson for the Real Madrid superstar, worth up to 94 million euros of the c Lo and Chelsea star "Warcraft" Drogba. Nike Tiempo Legend Series Nike Tiempo Legend, by soccer shoes, fans called the "legend." Legend in football boots in the consumer market, just as in the automotive consumer market, like, ever since the birth, they have never been short sales, each new generation, will stimulate discussion and concern of the boom, indeed, be considered a sustainable football shoes "Legend." Third Generation Legend divided into four levels, a total of five soles (Famous is not the same, all the family market, the momentum of fairly grand). Four levels low are: Tiempo Legend, Tiempo Classic, Tiempo Mystic, Tiempo Natural. Five kinds of soles, in addition to the low-end IC and TF flat interior bottom end of broken nails, the other three are the spikes, namely SG, AG, FG. June 9, 2011 the latest release of the Legend IV Elite June 9, 2011 the latest release of the Legend IV Elite Integration of new Tiempo Legend IV seventeen years of continuous improvement process, aimed at creating timeless quality. Tiempo on behalf of touch, tradition and technology, many advantages rolled into one. It meets the needs of today's elite players and continuous improvement. Nike Football Tiempo part of DNA and shoulder the responsibility of adhering to the traditional elements, while not forgetting to seek innovation. Tiempo Legend IV boots refused to rely on past glory. Instead, it is brewing a glorious and exciting future to create. Tongue, heel, studs and laces on the details of vibrant orange not only maintained its usual superb technique, but also full of innovation and evolution. Tiempo Elite series of high quality leather chosen both wear and soft, giving players wear comfortable, flexible ball-sensitive and the feeling of the ball. Excellent touch, tough and lightweight carbon-fiber chassis, and improved fly line spikes and other technical innovations, giving Tiempo Return of the King-like shock. Improved shoe upper sewn to further enhance the softness of the leather uppers minimize the sense of relaxation, and the new cushioning insole without deformation. The players strenuous exercise, foot and heel boots super support makes the response more quickly. Lightweight carbon soles boots plate hardness in strengthening while avoiding too rigid. Spike rounded blade with two central players to provide for the needs of its most powerful grip. Nike fly line technology with superior midfoot lock function, bringing excellent support force, while enhancing comfort and boots the ball handling. Tiempo Legend IV is by far the lightest Tiempo boots, 20 grams lighter than the previous generation. Nike T90 Series T90 is the most lethal boots soccer field, able to provide a very loving striker to score soccer shoes T90 Series T90 Series soccer shoes High accuracy. It uses a unique shot-shield technology that allows players to attack arbitrarily, without sacrificing accuracy for the price. When exposed to the ball, Nike Total90 instep flap can produce continuous pressure on the ball, to achieve great precision at high speed. In addition, orthopedic memory foam boots make a smoother surface, a direct shot at the strength and accuracy can be enhanced. Upper middle curved fins, each fin has targeted to set up a slash and size, so that players can better control the ball steering. T90 synthetic material upper, outsole with forefoot columnar palm knife nail after nail to ensure stability while reducing pressure on the foot, side lace design, to avoid foot vessel oppression. Nike CTR360 Series CTR360 first ball has excellent ability for players to provide instant control of the breaking ball and soccer shoes CTR360 series Series football boots CTR360 Advantage. CTR360 outsole with dual density studs, spikes coupled with its unique geometric design, so you can better stopping and foot ball, while its man-made kangaroo leather upper for ball and ball and the best design. Nike Classic "Silver Steel" series Following the Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro release new color, the Nike Total Air Foamposite Max shoes classic black and silver color upcoming release, this color of the Total Air Foamposite Max nickname "Silver Steel" picture was 1998 the first year of "Silver Steel "photos. Sports and leisure Nike AF-1 Series nike air force1, is produced by a Nike sports shoes. Air Force 1 was born in 1982, being deeply rooted in basketball AF-1 Series AF-1 series (18). Was selected six basketball players to endorse this shoe: Moses Malone (Moses Malone), Michael Cooper (Michael Cooper), Jamaal Wilkes (Jamaal Wilkes), Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones) Mitchell Thompson (Mychal Thompson) and Calvin Knight (Calvin Natt), they are carefully selected defensive specialist, who will this basketball shoe to the world. Classic posters, tough stance, Malone and his partners show AF1 six elements of success: great, durable, beyond, heroic, coherent and pure. Nike Air Force One (Air Force) was born in 1982, it is deeply rooted in the basketball movement. Sub-brand Nike Jordan series NIKE Jordan Brand is one of its brands, Jordan Brand that white is a subsidiary of NIKE below, under the NIKE, has R & D capabilities, but sales are still in accordance with NIKE's sales strategy. Jordan Sport Series including Jordan series of basketball shoes, training shoes and sports jerseys are high permeability and strong stability Jordan series Jordan series (5), both functional and avant-garde styling products, including the AJ series shoes, more launch to 23 generations, year after issuance of the title, such as AJ2010, while leaving many fans love the engraved version . Jordan Lifestyle series is the movement of the element in the stimulation of a variety of design inspiration, such as baseball clothes casual clothes, long, short-sleeved shirt, wool vest or not a novelty jeans, Jie Ling Jordan Lifestyle series across sports wear , showing the diversity of everyday casual style. Derivative shoes Nike latest technology and creative forces in general are the first generation of Air Jordan shoes are on, But with new technology and creative inevitable experimental purposes, so that idea might be ahead, but performance may be compromised. For example: Joe 7 "Huarache idea", cover design, Joe 22 "titanium metal plate" and thus be started from the AJ 16, each generation Jordan shoes will launch a special, enhanced version, through the modification of its details, so that more suitable for combat, close to the essence of shoes. Shoes name suffix for general use "+" "SE" "PE" ".5" Air Jordan shoes derivatives Nike AW77 Series In 1977, Jeff Hollister (Geoff Hollister), Nike (then Blue Ribbon), the third employee, creating a track and field dynasty - Western Athletic Association (Athletics West). That's all track and field athletes of pilgrimage, gold medalist, record breaker, long-distance and sprinters ...... sports arena geniuses who have joined! Everyone is moving in the direction from the northeast Pacific, all full of ambition from. Annual precipitation of 50.9 inches in the ground slippery, silent struggle, hard training. Jeff determined tailored for them a life for training and hoodies. He locked in the design, a sudden epiphany! He will be halved zipper hoodie to lighter weight, but with a more personal multi-layer waterproof breathable hood. It is the first designed specifically for racing hoodie, it is the prototype of the legendary AW77. HTM Series By the Japanese fashion godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara (Hiroshi Fujiwara), Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield and Nike CEO Mark Parker teamed up to launch the top footwear series. HTM AIR FORCE ONE use of advanced materials made of. This series a total of two generations, the first generation of selected high-quality leather, the second generation is selected Croco design. Out of the AF1 shoes. HTM series also includes WOVEN, WOVEN BOOT, FOOTSCAPE WOVEN, fLYknit the other shoes [2]. Nike HTM Series

Football (Football) c Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Pique, Iniesta, Ramos, Puyol, Busquets, Pedro, Albiol, Navas, Bojan, Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Heng Tela Seoul, Heitinga, Robinho, Maicon, Lucio, Luis Fabiano, Baptista, Neil Marr, Louison, Elano, Pato, Deng Godinho, Iguassu because, Ibrahimovic, Didier Drogba, Franck Ribery, Evra, Carlos Tevez, Rafael, Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Kiko, Song, Arshavin, Walcott, Bendtner, Ebanglahuo, Huo Alao, Gibbs, Welbeck, Babel, Robbie Keane, Thornton, Balotelli, Marchisio, Bruno Alves, Bulashiqi Cove Sharansky, Stankovic, Gila Tarantino, Donovan, Dempsey, Onyewu, Howard, Bradley, Bocanegra, Charlie Davies, Malouda, Ozil , Klose, Khedira, Cacau, Friedrich, Maroni, Hernandez, Ochoa, Suazo, Park, Ki Sung Yueng, LI Qing, Lee Young-pyo, Tshabalala, libraries inside, Koren, Ljubijankic, Novakovic, Birsa Simeierci, Killen, Kepuneike, Nihat, Turan, Demirel, Yakubu, Cooma Luo, Maxi Pereira, Holman, Scott McDonald, Neil, Wilke Hill, Fabio Cannavaro, Van Bronckhorst, Adriano, Pirlo, Ronaldo Godinho, Ronaldo, Figo, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Carlos Davis, Denilson, Materazzi, Aquilani, Gattuso, Sneijder, Klose, Wo Erke special. Nike spokesperson Wayne Rooney Peyton Manning, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tucker, Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Ryan Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers Baseball (Baseball) Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez (a-rod), Pujols, Wang, Ramirez, Sabathia Basketball (Basketball) Aaron Rodgers new NIKE football boots Aaron Rodgers new NIKE football boots Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Anfernee Hardaway, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Amare Stoudemire, Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Gerald Wallace, Mitchell Thompson, Calvin Knight, Mike Bibby, Ray Allen, Joe Smith, two Howard (juwan howard and josh howard), Vince - Carter, Blake Griffin, Amare Stoudemire, Yi Jianlian, Paul Pierce title title Ice hockey (Hockey) Gross ratio, Kessler, Wayne Grameen Braschi Skateboard (Skateboard) Paul Rodriguez The main material Full Grain Leather Full grain leather With leather made from the most durable part of the leather, the same as human skin capillary permeability and has good support and abrasion resistance and valuable sense. Nubuck cowhide leather Made with cowhide leather, and then polished to make the changes stick made of soft leather, with breathable and good support and wear resistance. Suede Suede Animal cortex and then through the brush handle, light and wear possessed. Have a certain extension. Synthetic Ledather synthetic leather Made of microfiber and senior PU imitation leather, looks like leather, lightweight, non-wrinkle deformation, good support and abrasion resistance, easy to clean. Synthetic Material synthetic material Made of PU synthetic material, the surface smooth and bright, commonly known as "patent leather." Mesh Network Fabric Nylon or Polyster by the network layer are woven into cloth, lightweight, breathable, easy to wear. Lycra Lycra elastic fabric For upper or inner boots, elastic and fabric can increase the fit. Gore-tex waterproof fabric Having waterproof fabric, usually outdoor shoes for fall and winter season and off-road running shoes. Body material Foamposite patent shoes Nike shoes are patented, high-priced but with texture and comfort, providing excellent sense of the parcel and protection. Drag-on wear-resistant material Commonly used in tennis shoes, the hard material and designed to enhance the wear resistance of the inside of the toe and the leading edge. Outsole material: BRS1000 carbon fiber rubber In the production process of the rubber, adding carbon fiber material or carbon elemental powder. The rubber wear, good grip, but the intense friction will leave a black mark on the ground. Used for running shoes. Seamless Non-marking rubber And BRS1000 contrary, without carbon doping process, will not leave marks on the floor. Solid Rubber hard rubber From 60% and 40% of man-made synthetic natural rubber compression, better wear resistance. Duraon rubber An artificial soft rubber, light texture, there is a certain shock effect, good grip. DRC wear-resistant hard rubber With hard rubber-based synthetic rubber compression, abrasion. Some tennis shoes with this rubber.

Gum Rubber raw rubber Natural rubber as the main raw material, synthetic rubber, supplemented by compression, soft, good toughness. Sticky Rubber soft rubber Natural rubber mainly used in some multi-functional shoes, aerobics shoes, sport sandals shoes, with good comfort and grip. Poor wear resistance. Midsole material: PU material Polyurethane material PU namely, bubble gum and then poured into a model solution heated to foam, smooth finished surface, after a longer period of time will turn yellow and corrosion, has a certain shock and stability. PU midsole greatest advantage is flexibility and toughness is good, smooth, and has a rubbery texture. This is in the end use of the most widely used material. PHYLON Material PHYLON foamed plastic particle heating pressurized cooling poured into the model, the surface than the white and wrinkled, in addition to the general EVA / PHYLON shock-absorbing rubber outsole features and outer wear resistance, light weight, elegant appearance, but also has the excellent rebound performance, providing a good energy return. EVA material EVA plastic particles are injected into the mold heated at high temperature after forming the shoes in the end, is called a foam midsole, which is the EVA midsole. Finished surface roughness, lightweight, have cushioning capability. LUNAR Material NIKE Lunarlite foam is jointly developed with NASA made use than usual EVA / PHYLON material in the bottom 30% lighter weight, reducing energy loss in the premise, in a good reaction speed, and increase flexibility , to reduce muscle fatigue, exercise and training in providing fast recovery. Number Identification Every day when you put on your beloved NIKE shoes, pet shoes have found that there is a standard shoes? And above a string of numbers and symbols, but also represent what does that mean? First, let's unlock that group in a shoebox numeric password on it! NIKE sports shoes each model will be allocated a nine digit, unique number, we can just from nine numbers, will be able to learn Some information on these shoes. This nine-digit arrangement method is used after the first six rows of three laws. Then a transverse front group separated, such as: 830218 - 213 After the group before the group separator Former group The former group of six digits, and then can be divided into three parts: 830 218 Front yard after yard in the yard Front yard: a single number representing the sports shoes attributes: A general introduction of shoes available on the market. 2 (not used) 3 (not used) 4 player version of the pattern shoes 5 (not used) 6 engraved version exclusive or some shoe styles 7 customized version (to be confirmed) 8 from the 97 years since the general introduction of shoes available on the market. Nine countries / territories Limited Edition 0 (not used) M: consists of two digits, which means that belongs footwear sports shoes, there are numbers are: 02 men and 03 women indoors indoor jogging shoes jogging shoes jogging shoes 05 men and 04 women neutral running shoes jogging shoes 06 07 off-road running shoes 09 men shoes 10 men and women beach slippers 13 rugby baseball shoes sneakers 15 (Metal studs) 16 17 American football shoes beach slippers (Male / female / children) 18 21 Multifunctional boxing shoe Soccer shoes 22 M ACG (C code) (Women) 38 female ACG (Water Sports) 40 M 41 Female tennis shoes tennis shoes 42 male tennis shoes (Retro) 43 Female tennis shoes (Retro) 44 volleyball shoes 48 female ACG 50 BB shoes 51 men and 52 women and children shoes children shoes, children's shoes 54 men and 53 women's volleyball shoes women shoes 58 65 M ACG (Shoe) 70 M multifunction multifunction shoes women shoes 71 shoes 73 men and 72 women cheerleaders versatile shoes (For practice) 74 female multifunction shoes (For practice) 75 M ACG 78 weightlifting shoe 80 M 82 M Pace shoes tennis shoes 83 M 84 M ACG golf shoes (Bicycle use) 85 M M ACG ACG 90 (Water sports) 91 female Pace shoes 92 Women's Golf Shoes After code: consists of three digits, which means that in the case of class sports shoes has launched the first of several. 218 is to represent this sport shoes on the thirtieth class (basketball shoes) to the first 218 Shoes. After the group

After the group of three digits, the first two represent the main color of this sports shoes. Take a look at the color table below: 0 black / gray / silver 1 White 2 Brown / Brown 3 Green 4 Blue 5 Purple 6 red 7 yellow / gold 8 Orange 9 gold (representing metallic) For golden coding, web master or confused, when it will be seven, when will it be 9? However, if the gold is usually compared with some heavy metal sense, as if there is a posite training shoes like that, it will spend nine. As to what is the main color, a time when network owners also get a lot of NIKE Fans opinions, after a series of verification Webmaster, I feel close to the following commentary (of course, not every webmaster also find it on the hundred percent , but in the meantime you can also over 80% accurate: P): The first code: Refers to the upper color (remember! Necessarily the largest proportion of that kind of colors called primary colors, many colors are based uppers to decide ... if Jordan Short series, are used a prefix - ie, white) Second code: This was the most taken from a lot of people ... a lot of people think that the second code is the so-called "second main color", but after Webmaster's research found that many of the second code related to whether the second main color when there is no direct relationship! With an obvious example: Red Short last three digits are 141, but the red and white BB4 last three yards is 101, and why? The former because the Flyers using a red logo, it is 141; But BB4 Nike Logo in the body of the shoe near the location after that is that silver, plus shoe is white instead of red, so we come to 101 this coded. However, just also mentioned, this method is not hundred percent absolute. Air Trainer Escape is one example. Its second code, many fan will use the second main color ... There is also a second part of the shoe upper logo code will be authentic. However, in the body of the shoe or heel as the second code, there is usually more than 80% are accurate. Of course, the cautious approach, refer to those indicated on the shoebox second color, and then cf Fan belongs numbers, Link on the Department of the most correct way to go. The third code: This code and the color is not directly related, is usually used to distinguish the same shoes in the first two yards are the same approach. Like the newly launched Air Presto Tremelo Max, there are two with mainly blue shoes, thus representing the first launch of the dark blue on with 441, and later out of the blue water, with regard to 442 indicate. Another example is the Air Presto (104231) had 001 (black and yellow), 002 (Lightning), 003 (gray orange), 004 (black and silver), 005 (dark blue), 006 (gray Zihei) and 007 (black) of the points. In addition, when there are more than ten kinds of colors of a match, it was also likely to spend the first code of nine words. Like Air Force Link, 11 color go to 119, it will have 910, 911, 912, etc. number appears. In addition, sometimes we will find a number of color combinations, why only one, but obviously it is not a third-code it? This is likely to be involved in the creation NIKE company had considered the color, the color code number and then abandon it! Relative from Nike, Reebok shoe size is much simpler. First, its sequence number is basically arranged, side Shoes introduced first, followed by the relatively small number. So the same shoe but with different colors, are braided with a separate number, and each family is no relationship. Reebok shoes are tied by a general from six (seven) composed of digits, take the first one / two after five ways: 1 - 34222

After the group before the group separator Since the end of 2003, after the group started with six digit numbers. Edit this paragraph NIKEGOLF

Nike Golf Brand Since 2005, the purpose is for nike golf surprises, not only in the sales achievements of the ball with the development and research on the mind has also been spent on all praise. And, it's players frequently choose to sponsor exposure and brilliant results are nike golf bursts of applause ushered in, Tiger Woods on the pitch victorious biggest beneficiaries in addition to himself, it is necessary a few Nike. The U.S. Masters final round 16 holes let God Qiqie hit Nike limelight, with the ball in the hole marked Komagari stay a few seconds before falling into the hole, this classic scene not only in the major television stations continue to broadcast, even major companies listed as one of the most successful marketing cases, repeated research. Because of golf in China is still the development stage, and are subject to major international brands to combat counterfeit goods on the market, so that they have some difficulties to implement. But undoubtedly the star of the success of strategies to make it in China this vast market space occupy a favorable position, even when the tiger to $ 40 million contract was considered madness. With the general development of the company for beginners golf clubs are different, Nike aimed at the outset, the need for high-level players; while they are not produced to promote the club and then go to their approach is to first sign a star player then need to manufacture according to his club. Edit this paragraph Brand Inspiration

Nike officially named in 1978. It is more than the leading brand Adidas, Puma, Reebok, known as the "new world for nearly 20 years created the most successful consumer goods companies." Nike's profits from 1985's $ 13 million in 1994, rising to about $ 400 million, Nike1994 annual global turnover reached nearly $ 4.8 billion. In the United States, there are many as 70% of teenagers dream is to have a pair of Nike shoes. the nike T90 series of outdoor advertising the nike T90 series of outdoor advertising "Nike" brand has much to tap the marketing inspiration. "Nike" marketing secrets in a very good aspect is its marketing communication (Nike's Marketing Communication). 1994, "Nike" in advertising investment of $ 280 million, is Procter & Gamble's advertising costs l / 9 or so, but very attractive Nike creative marketing communications for the "Nike" won the consumers, so " Nike "has become the market goddess of victory (Nike intent is" the ancient Greek goddess of victory "). Combined with first-hand information in English, the following specific analysis of the success of the Nike marketing communication: how to market expansion of shoes for athletes ordinary consumer mass market; how a "deviant" advertising to strengthen communication; how to borrow idolatry build brand loyalty ; how to use animation, computer games close to young children consumers; how deep psychological self-awareness and value to secure the female consumer base. These analyzes the company played a key role in marketing. Nike's "consumption myth" - many consumers around the world who are due to wear Nike and feel very honor. Hong Kong, "Economic Journal Monthly," April 1991 period have been reported: Some shoe store owner in New York City authorities have to apply for permission to use firearms in self-defense to protect personal and property safety. Article commented that, due admiration Nike shoes, many teenagers, willing to take the risk of theft and even murder, serious incidents have occurred, desperation, the owner had to seek such "self-protection." Nike also has a "growing myth": In the 1960s, the company was founded, very small, may collapse at any time. The company's two founders Bowerman and Knight have several roles, and the company does not have its own office building complete operating agency. 1985 Nike's global profits of $ 13 million, in 1994 the company's global turnover of 4.8 billion dollars; its market share champion, is ranked third in the Adidas company more than doubled, to 24%. Nike's growth pace has not slowed down. 95 years compared with 94 years, global sales rose 38%, pre-tax profit growth of 55%, fast Nike shares rose $ 43 per share two years ago, soared to $ 103 per share in 1995. Wall Street investors and analysts, many of whom had previously been in the 1980s are not optimistic about Nike: "Nike is not much basis for the development and prospects." Today mockery: "God likes to create the myth, so he chose our unexpected Nike. " Nike myth is that "God-given" do? Nike CEO Knight replied: "Yes, 'consumers God' and we have the 'God' magical tools of dialogue - Nike ad ......" Reform focuses on communication and advertising Nike CEO, commented: Nike's focus on communication effects of advertising, the Nike brand favored by the public love to grow rapidly. Nike's early work focused primarily on promotional products, technical superiority, because it was brand positioning, competitive athletes in the formal market. Of course, some of the recreational runners and people who exercise to buy Nike shoes, because comfort, but also because the Nike campaign: who owns Nike, will come to understand the sport! Which have an impact on consumers. However, this period can not be called the Nike ad is a real sense of communication, communication Nike advertising is in its "advertising Reform" arising out of. 1980s, Nike products began to enter the athletic field and stadium homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers). Nike must not lose the formal traditional sports market situation, try to expand the appeal of Nike advertising, Nike must be like this Levi's brand (the leading brand of jeans jeans inventor Levi Strauss created), become an integral part of youth culture and status symbol. Nike's two completely different market operations, it faces the challenge is in adapting popular sports achievements awareness and information on how to achieve balance and consistency, Nike began to rethink its advertising strategy. 1986 of a propaganda Nike advertising inflatable insole is a real breakthrough in advertising the film using a new Nike creative, instead of using promotional products blindly technical performance and advantages of the usual approach, but by representatives and famous symbol of hippies playing the famous Beatles song "Revolution" in the rebel figure new rhythm, melody, a group of Americans who wear Nike products are intoxicated to fitness training, ...... the ad accurately meet the newly emerging fitness The winds of change and the era fashion, so feel refreshing. Nike has been using the original magazine as the main advertising media, sports players to communicate product information, but since then, Nike TV commercials become the main "spokesman", the move makes the Nike commercial can adapt to the new market of their products development. Nike's advertising Reform very successful first reflected in the market share of the company's rapid growth: more than Reebok became the U.S. athletic footwear market, the new king. Nike's long-term competitors like Nike Reebok also had the same emphasis on communication style rather than product features, while Reebok company as the company switched Chiat Day advertising agency, who in the mid-1980s when a burst of Nike agents in an attempt to revive the former glory. However, the style of Nike products and benefits have been accounted for in the minds of consumers unshakable position. Reform has earned advertising market and consumers, but more importantly, Nike's transformation, gradually mastered the art of advertising communication, to form their own unique advertising ideas and strategies - to be dedicated to communication, rather than sales demand. This strategy with most U.S. companies advertising strategy is fundamentally different, but it is this unique strategies and practices, making Nike's continued success in the market in the breeze, the rapid growth. Nike to expand the first breakthrough in the youth market, this market consumers have some common characteristics: love sports, revered heroes, Starchaser strong sense of hope that the subject of attention, thinking, active, imaginative and full of dreams. This feature for young consumers, Nike successively with some famous, well-loved sports stars signing, such as c Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Ronaldinho, Torres, Fabregas, Ibrahimovic, Robinho, A Aguero and so on. And took a lot of imagination full of advertising, such as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa promo "kicked legend" on May 22 Champions League final when the premiere. Nike advertising agency W & K's program director Chris Riley contrast Nike and Reebok's advertising after comments: "you put Nike and Reebok ads showed 14-15 year-old children see, they would certainly say: ' Reebok idea hit me again, they used to sell sports and health advertising. '; But the way they talk about the Nike ad is totally different:' You see those guys again in the Nike money squandered it! really do not understand how they manage their advertising funds. 'This means that they understand us, know that Nike can use the traditional marketing-oriented advertising is no doubt that Nike's series of ads for the youth market achieved its purpose, by the sterile Junior customer's identity, and it is this market that they are the most authoritative referee battle. Many people believe that Nike advertising communication technique is the "star offensive" ads with different pictures, plot. But that is not the case, played a fundamental role of communication in the form but not the content, is in advertising heart to heart dialogue with consumers! Nike advertising communication has thus been a strong response from consumers to make good effect . Nike's consumer groups for sports fans, its communication and audio-visual content to the public at pains to pass this information: Nike and the sports world like you "experts", we all know what happens in the sports sector. So Nike's advertising the film show is a real objective world of sport. Edit this paragraph Brand Story

NIKE this name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, easy to read and easy to remember, it can utter the least sound. Nike Nike trademark. For the first time to "Nike" name sports shoes, shoes with square convex tablets to enhance the stability of the body of the shoe lined with knife-shaped curved hook, a symbol of the goddess of the wings. Nike phrase slogan Just do it in the classic advertising, both can be understood as "I just select it; to use this; to try" can also be understood as "Just do it; perseverance" and so on, just do it "is also a Nike sports spirit philosophy. 1980 NIKE entered China in Beijing set up its first liaison office NIKE production. After, NIKE adhering to "Local for Local" (where, as where) the concept of not only advanced technology into China, and fully committed to local talent, production technology, marketing concepts culture, taken from local, use of local, in China has made rapid progress. 2002 Small Nike to enter the Chinese market. Its international design style fusion adult NIKE sports design elements, emphasizing the sense of fashion and the perfect combination of functionality, the majority of young people of all ages. Although only introduced for the Nike brand's glorious past, but Nike founder of the firm belief and persistence of execution is necessary for business people professionalism. Also the founder of the brand have in common. Whether small or big brand brands, are the same. Edit this paragraph Product Care

Nike sportswear fabric care labels are provided to prompt you the best products and maintenance methods. Nike footwear cleaning method is as follows: Nylon and canvas footwear: Please use a soft cloth dampened with cold water, use a mild detergent gently scrub vamp, dry naturally. Do not rinse or use harsh cleaners to clean these products, do not use washing or drying machine. Leather and suede footwear: Do not soak in water for such products. Leather and suede products should not be used machine wash or drying, apply a soft cloth dampened with cold water, use a mild detergent for hand washing. This class sneakers contaminated dirt, it should be cleaned immediately. You can also use leather cleaner cleaning leather products, then air dry. Leather footwear: Please use a soft cloth dampened with cold water or soft brush, scrub gently with a mild detergent uppers and natural dry. Do not use washing or drying machine, and should be cleaned immediately after contaminated dirt. Edit this paragraph New Products

NIKE Air Force 1 Nike Air Force One shoes / retro basketball shoes series Nike Air Force 1 shoes, the most important classical one, and the United States share the presidential plane "Air Force One" Nike Air Force One Nike Air Force One Reputation. And singer from Taiwan celebrities Jay PHANTACi helm joint Nike recently introduced a pair of unique commemorative edition AirMax1 and leather baseball jacket. Its name "TheGrand" inspiration from the top platform describes piano by representing PHANTACi pink plus just like the piano keys black and white color as the shoe of the spindle, and suit jacket inside baseball innovative technology places TechPack laser pattern and waterproof zippers build. It is unfortunate that neither for public sale. [3] Edit this paragraph Double standard

"Suspicion of cheating consumers, Nike fined 4.87 million yuan." October 24, the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau of the Nike company first disclosed the case against the interests of consumers. Nike shoes with the money, the United States sold a two cushion, while China sold only a cushion. Report on the matter after a year, professional fake people Hai October 25 only from the media to get the message. Can Wang asked: "Nike, the penalty 4,870,000, useful?" Multinational companies in China market implementation of the "double standards" has never been simply a Nike. "Multinational corporations are not great kindness, Chinese national standard is low, they will naturally do as the Romans, lower service standards." Retail and e-commerce information MaGang observer said. "I need a written evidence against him." October 30, after lunch, the Beijing Chaoyang North Road, a coffee shop, Wang constantly refresh their own micro-Bo and mailbox, waiting with his contact consumers have the same experience. Five days ago, the media exposure of double standards because Nike fined 4.87 million yuan, the news spread rapidly on the network. As informants and consumers, Wang also own microblogging again denounce Nike's "double standards." Economists maguangyuan [microblogging] also micro-Bo wrote, "This is not the first time the Chinese market multinationals adopt a double standard, but that seems to be the first Chinese law enforcement authorities to punish such behavior." Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau, a staff member told this reporter, October 24, the reason they specifically disclosed to the media regarding Nike fined, mainly because it is Beijing industrial and commercial department for business "double standards" out of the first ticket. The "before there are similar complaints from consumers, but they are mediation, negotiation, really did not throw too, the fact that consumers against the Nike clearly think Lai Lai also can not afford." But as informants Wang is learned through the media matter. Wang opened a year ago issued a microblogging. September 6, 2011, in the micro-Bo Wang broke the news: "Nike basketball shoes with a version less flicker Chinese mainland consumers, Nike Zoom Hyperdunk2011 basketball shoes in China, price 1299 yuan, with the U.S. price of $ 125 Shoes (about 780 yuan). unexpected is that in addition to price discrimination, sold in the U.S. in the same paragraph with two zoom air cushion shoes, while the mainland to sell but only one air cushion. " June 24, 2011, Nike released a new generation of high-performance basketball shoes "Nike Zoom Hyperdunk2011". In the same year on August 5, which shoes Log Chinese market. Wang pointed to when he was on the official website from Nike ad copy a page, "the heel and forefoot ZOOMAIR make smoother takeoff, landing more stable." It is because of these words, he was in the shoe market a month later and quickly bought a pair. But to get the basketball shoes, the soles Wang Department under careful observation, followed by a cushion, but not the forefoot cushion. In the same year on September 6, Wang Xicheng Branch of Beijing Municipal Bureau to Nike company conducted a report on both the micro-Bo broke the news. Soon, Wang broke the news attracted the concern of many users, users "large wooden garden tour," sighed and said: "Even basketball shoes will have emasculated version!" Even a network called "dragon qi" consumers will buy their own "Nike Zoom Hyperdunk2011" cut basketball shoe soles, so skeptical people find out - the result is really only one air cushion soles. As more and more consumers stand out, "Nike false door" is pushed to the cusp of public opinion. In this regard, Nike's staff told reporters that they had in the September 8, 2011 issued an official statement, "Unfortunately after investigation found that we were wrong with the forefoot and rear foot were built ZOOMAIR publicity materials. " However, despite the news that Nike was punished, Wang did not want to stop there, he again contacted the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau West Branch, for the other Nike shoes can provide a written conclusion to deceive consumers. "Since the decision fining them, indicating that Nike does have a problem, I need a written evidence to go to court to sue him!" Wang said. However, Wang did not immediately get this conclusion the book, he said: "Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau, said fifteen business days after the order to give me an answer, so I can only continue to wait." [4] Edit this paragraph List of social responsibility audits

Brief introduction Mark Parker was born in New York, Poughkeepsie, and in 1977 was awarded the Pennsylvania State University bachelor's degree in political science Position. He ran track and field team at Penn State University. He joined Nike in 1979, shoe designer in its R & D facilities, Exeter, New Hampshire. In 1987, he became vice president, responsible for the development, in 1989, the company vice president and general manager, in 1993, in 1998, vice president of global footwear. Prior to becoming CEO, he served as Co-President (Charlie Denson) March 2001 Nike brand began. Parker's salary in 2008 was $ 7.6 million. He was also involved in shoe design. He has undertaken to ensure that Nike maintaining environmental awareness. After 10 years of work, Parker and his team launched the first "green shoe", adhere to the principle of sustainable development. He is also responsible for other brands Nike, the company's investment portfolio, including Cole Haan, Converse company, Hurley International, Umbro (Umbro). [1] Hobbies:

He is an avid supporter of the arts and modern, low-brow and underground extensive ongoing contemporary art collection, as well as with many other one-of-kind collectibles. Famous artists from Parker's collection include Andy Warhol, Mark Ryden, Chris Kuksi, Todd Shorr, Tim Bisikupu, SAS Christian, Sebastian Kruger, Charles Clough, Scott Musgrove, Michael Leavitt, robots and Randy Regier, Lipson. Other notable projects include the rare movie ephemera, such as the original "Mars Attacks Earth props and models!" (1996), "When the earth stopped rotating" (1951), "Back to the Future" (1989) and " Batman "(1989). [1]