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American Football League National American Football League is the National Football League, referred to as the NFL. Is a huge American Football League . There are 32 teams in the league was divided into two federations: the United States Football League (American Football Conference, referred to as AFC, AL ) and the National Football League (National Football Conference, referred to NFC, the League of Nations ) . Each federation has 16 teams , divided into four sub-Division : eastern, southern , western and north. Each sub-Division has four teams. NFL (National Football League, referred to as the NFL, Chinese translated as " beautiful ball" ) is the world's largest professional American football league , but also the world's most commercially valuable sports leagues . In the United States , this is a very appealing sport , you can not know , Ronaldo, Zidane, Messi , C Ronaldo, but you can not know Gene Washington , Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Steve Smith, tO, Randy Moss, fanatical fans are often the focus before the race . A total of 32 league teams, because they are private investment , according to the company mode of operation , it is also called privileged member teams (Franchise). NFL is the most famous American Football League , so it has the most fans , other Union also try and NFL competition, but failed to get so much like the NFL that support , have so many fans American Football League game photos American Football League game photos ( 20 ) . NFL to each team down by their unions and sub-Division grouping . Compete for the NFL's 32 teams were divided into two federations: the United States Football League (American Football Conference, referred to as AFC) and National Football League (National Football Conference, referred to NFC). Each federation has 16 teams , divided into four sub-Division : eastern, southern , western and north. Each sub-Division has four teams. In the regular season , each team in the September to December period of 17 weeks to play 16 games , usually on a Saturday , Sunday or Monday game. After the regular season , six teams from each Association playoffs , were each division titles , and the rest of the team record best is often referred to as a wild card (Wild Card) team. After three rounds of the playoffs , two Federation champion in the Super Bowl pre-determined good stadium (Super Bowl) game meet, compete for the final championship. A week later , two associations selected from the star players will participate in the Pro Bowl (Pro Bowl) - one held in Honolulu, Hawaii -Star Game . 2010 onwards, the Pro Bowl was held in the week before the Super Bowl . Alliance with the United States as early as 1920 professional American Football Association (America n Professional Football Association) was established in the name , and later in 1922 was renamed the National Football League (National Foot ball League). National Football League is one of the four major North American professional sports . Association also has sought to promote the sport in the world to emulate NBA model to achieve success in the world , there have been many countries to buy its broadcast rights , the association with China related media had many contacts , Tencent video has been initially made ??the sport in China network video exclusive broadcast rights , "Tencent live channel " has been in September 9, 2011 to start a video broadcast. [ 1 ] Like American universities , like American football , NFL football Caribbean Football (Rugby Football, Chinese multi- called football ) developed by Football venues

??Football venues The . Caribbean football from Canada into the United States in 1874 , and McGill University in Montreal (McGill University) invites Harvard University (Harvard University) to Quebec to play the game in a Canadian version of the new " Caribbean football ." Professional American football at least in 1892 , when a Pittsburgh Athletic Club to $ 500 to hire William Hefeifenge (William "Pudge" Heffelfinger) race occurs . In a few decades , when the majority of the attention on the football elite are concentrated in the east coast university, professional game wide spread in the Midwest , especially in the 1903 Ohio Maxi Lun (Massillon) tiger, a strong amateur team, hired four Pittsburgh pros in their quarter-end with the Akron race to race. Established U.S. professional American Football Association (The American Professional Football Association, APFA) from the 1920 's in a Canton (Canton, Ohio) Hupmobile dealer holds. Legendary athlete Jim Thorpe (Jim Thorpe) was elected president . 11 teams of the organization , in addition to a team other than in the Midwest, and does not look like an alliance initially , but more like a mutual non- poaching agreements. In the early , APFA members continue to work with members of the team are not APFA game. In 1921 , APFA began official ranking list , and in the following year changed its name to the National Football League (National Football League). However , NFL in the 1920s known as a major league hard . Team frequently in and out . Pellets contain such diverse representatives Decatur Staleys, LaRue, OhioOorang Indians, a full Native American costume and performing dog show. Former college stars like Red Orange and Benny Friedman began to enter the profession, professional game slowly becoming more and more popular. To 1934 , all small-market teams have moved to the big city , in addition to the Green Bay Packers . Football ??Football Affect Before the end of World War II , American football career began to compete with the college game fans ' attention. T-shaped formation (T formation) produced the widespread use of the fast-paced , high- score attracts many fans. In 1945 , the Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles , becoming the first major league sports teams in the West Bank . 1950 , NFL does not exist in the United States from the current American football Association (All-America Football Conference) received three teams, expanded to 13 teams. In the 1950s, professional American football finally got the status of major league sports . NFL embraced television , giving all Americans the opportunity to follow such as Bobby Layne, Paul Hornung, Otto Graham and Johnny Unitas and other stars . 1958 NFL Championship Game in New York City to Baltimore Colts Unitas and his teammates into a nationally known figure. Fusion Alliance Professional American football in the mid-1960s, grew rapidly , and in some surveys beyond watching baseball as America 's favorite sport. Because many people want to grow in popularity to obtain benefits , and NFL can not provide , so a competitive league , American football League (American Football League, AFL) was founded in 1960 . AFL introduces some NFL no features, such as wider-open passing attack , the player name embroidered on jerseys , an official game clock let the audience know the remaining time (NFL referee's table used to calculate the time and periodically drumming up time ) . New alliance established between the team while also sharing and broadcasting rights practices of cable networks broadcast the game to solve financial problems. AFL also forced the NFL expanded expansion: Dallas Cowboys built up against the AFL 's Dallas Texans . Texans moved to Kansas City in 1963 to become the Chiefs ; Minnesota Vikings NFL's pellet from the AFL to give Max Winter; Atlanta Falcons pellets give Ranki Smith to dissuade him buy the AFL Miami Dolphins . Continued between the NFL and AFL players compete almost beyond expensive sport due spirit. In 1966, two Union agreed in 1970 seasons combined . 10 AFL teams joined saved NFL NFL team composed of American Federation of American Football (American Football Conference). Another 13 NFL teams became the national football associations (National Football Conference). Another result of merger , holding four of the original AFL-NFL Championship Game - " professional American football world championship " (World Championship of Professional Football), renamed the Super Bowl after the merger , into the NFL championship game. Commercialize In the 1970s and 1980s , NFL strengthen America's top audience movement of his position and important role in American culture . Most of the time the Super Bowl is an unofficial national holiday and the highest ratings of TV programs. Monday night football (Monday Night Football), first launched in 1970 , because of its hybrid sports entertainment bring high ratings. NFL expansion into new markets and business ventures . In 1986, the union began a series of pre-season exhibition game , called America's Cup in the United States outside the international venue. In 1991 , the Union established football World League ( that is today the European Union American Football ) , one with Germany and the Netherlands Development League team . NFL in 2005 in Mexico City for the regular season , intends to proceed in other countries such games . In 2003 , NFL start their own cable channels , NFL Network. There are 32 NFL teams . In the regular season, each team has 53 players. Unlike the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball League (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL), and no team in the Canadian federation , because Canada itself has a Canadian Rugby Union (Canadian Football League). Most U.S. cities have a team , in addition to the second largest city in California, Los Angeles , and San Antonio, Texas , in the city and the metropolitan area are not a team . NFL is still trying to persuade the government to provide funding for the Los Angeles area will be moved to Los Angeles metropolitan area team . Washington Redskins professional sports in the United States is currently the most profitable , with a total market capitalization of approximately $ 1.4 billion .

American football is a process of competition is extremely fierce , block , interception and collision are an integral part of the game , it can also be said Colts Helmet ??Colts Helmet American football is a major feature. In order to protect the safety of the players , the players avoid injuries and delay game , NFL and NCAA require all players must " wear protective gear appropriate and legitimate ," to be able to play. 1900 years ago, playing football , the players are mostly in accordance with individual needs , just before the shoulder or thigh stuffed pieces of cloth to when the mat , with all kinds of strange there . With the evolution of rules of the game , each brace 's used are different . Basically, each player must wear a complete set of protective gear from head to toe total : Helmet English name (helmet), by the shell, protective cover frame (face mask) and chin strap (chin strap) and other components to reduce the face, especially the nose and mouth of the possibility of injury Shoulder chest pad English name shoulder pads, to avoid collision caused due dislocated shoulder , and the protection of the chest and ribs. The player must be in accordance with its angular

?? Color duties , to choose the right shoulder chest pad . Elbow English name (elbow pads), especially in the artificial turf (artificial turf) venue , due to the more hard ground , the player must be equipped with elbow pads to avoid elbow contusion. Gloves English name (gloves) Some players accustomed to wear gloves in order to facilitate the ball , or keep warm in the cold weather use . Wide receiver gloves usually place a layer of sticky rubber palm material, and defensive lineman gloves in each finger has a thick layer of the outer liner to protect the fingers. Yaokua pad English name (hip pads), to protect the player's waist, hip and groin , resist sliding , collision, interception and air fall and so on. Leg pads English name (thigh pads) to protect the thigh muscles , to avoid being trampled or other damage. Kneepad English name (knee pads), and elbow pads , as in artificial turf special needs , mostly by thick elastic sponge made ??. Shoes English name (cleats), players need to wear different shoes to adapt to the venue change . Bottom of shoes according to site conditions, can be fitted with different types of hard plastic spikes . Uniform Product name (uniform), the jersey (jets) and shorts (pants) and is generally made ??of nylon and elastomer , with sufficient elasticity . Each player must embroidered shirt number, chest number at least 8 inches large ( 20.3 cm or more ) , but behind the numbers there must be 10 inches ( 25.4 cm ) or more, only compliance. Color jersey color of the ball must not be ( brown or brown ) identical . Ball English name (football) American football with a ball slightly smaller than the rugby ball 11 to 11.5 inches long , long axis of the ellipse is 28 to 28.5 inches , short Football ?

?Football Axis is 21.25 to 21.5 inches and weighs 14 to 15 ounces . In addition, the kicker also need a kick in the kick-off aircraft , mostly small plastic tripod . The referees must each carry a yellow handkerchief , as "Foul mark " (penalty marker or flag), in the case when there is a foul to go to the place where the foul throws . Edit this paragraph Fixtures NFL regular season total of seventeen weeks , every one , every team needs regular season of 16 games, so every team will have one week bye . Regular season every year from mid-September to the end of December or early January next year end . Each regular season . NFL regular season game against taking a loop equation , which is changed every year , specifically the following points: 1 and each team must own the partition three teams play two games, one home , one away ( 6 games ) . 2 on the team for each team to another district where the federation of the team, a three-year cycle. Meaning that the current I hit the North , the next year I hit the Southern District , the year after I hit the West End. Then recycled back to the North . Each team ranks with the other partitions each fight, two home games , two away games ( 4 games ) . 3 per team and the other to a partition of the Federation of all the teams playing four years a cycle , two main two passengers ( 4 games ) . 4 where each team and their own federation last year ranked the same district , and currently there is no arrangement with the district tournament two teams each playing a field , a main one passenger ( 2 games ) . Edit this paragraph Player Position

Offensive group Quarterback (Quarterback, QB) Offensive team of the brain, the center of the entire attack system , all offensive tactics are communicated to the court through his . They are also the initiator of passing attack , accurate long pass will instantly change the game . Now is the league's best two Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots Tom Brady . Running back (Running back, RB) Running back is running the ball attacking player , with strength, pace and speed of change through the defense and promotion of their work , in some cases, will catch passes forward. Running back is divided into semi- Wei (Halfback, HB) and full health (Fullback, FB). In charge attack , usually by burly fullback body open in front , but by the half- guard with the ball in the subsequent assault . They must receive the quarterback handed the ball after the first cover your ball , and then view the court case to find any gaps , to determine the most advantageous route to escape the defensive players sprint . In thrown pass attack, they can be rendered pediment catcher , or offensive lineman to help protect the quarterback . Speed ??and sensitivity are the main conditions for running backs . Wide receiver (Wide Receiver, WR) Wide receiver has a speed and agility , through the change to get rid of defense, ball attack. A good quarterback at wide receiver in accordance with the path indicated before serving pediment , Dodge and throw off the other man defense , in order to create conditions conducive to the ball . Outside to take over the ball after the ball downfield still until it is blocked or ran circles so far. Everett (Tight End, TE) Everett open both ability and capacity of the ball , and sometimes do to help stop the offensive lineman , sometimes as a catcher . In passing attack , they are quarterback spear , and in the running attack , they are semi- Wei shield . Offensive lineman (Offensive Lineman) Standing in the forefront of protecting the quarterback or offensive running attack in half guard to protect the players , the offensive group, the strongest man . According to the field station is different from the center outward , respectively kickoff point center (Center), tackles (Tackle) and retaining Feng (Guard). Kick-off center or who is responsible for passing the ball accurately to the quarterback hands. Defense group Defensive lineman (Defensive Lineman) They are usually the strongest of the entire team of people , the goal is the other side of the ball before the half guard and outgoing quarterback . They crossed each other's offensive lineman , thereby removing the impact of each ball handler . According to field position , respectively, from the center to the outer spike (Nose Tackle) or defensive tackle (Defensive Tackle) and defensive end (Defensive End). Linebacker (Linebacker, LB) Important position , one is usually a defensive group released orders. Linebacker must have excellent blocking skills , not the running back the ball over overstepped ; while thrown pass attack happens, you must assist other teammates keep an eye on wide receiver and possibly other catcher , destruction or cut down any throw pass the ball . Divided by middle linebacker position (Middle Linebacker, MLB) and outside linebacker (Outside Linebacker, OLB). Defender (Defensive Back, DB) The last line of defense , where responsibility is divided into different types according to : Cornerback (Cornerback, CB) Cornerback is the other wide receiver rival , speed and agility are their specialty. Generally their duty is to keep the other party refused to leave the wide receiver or tight end in some cases , there are also other specific formation in assault quarterback ( relatively risky move ) . Zhongwei (Safety) Subdivided into travel Wei (Free Safety, FS) and Qiang Wei (Strong Safety, SS). They stood side defensive end , when the offensive line or a penetrating ball out of defense to come forward who destroy each attack. Qiang Wei on the pitch for a tight end to the offensive side reactions , because the attack lines are tight end lined up on one side is called strong side (strong side). When using assault attack attacking side , Qiang Wei, the same should be like linebacker intercept and stop the offensive running back , and in the thrown pass attack, will have to keep a close eye Everett responsible , to prevent him from catching . SWAT team Generally speaking SWAT team members , in addition to a few specific locations , the general is to attack and defense group on the bench. Kicker (Kicker, K) Often appear in the game penalty (Field Goal, FG), then you need to play the hand . Rotary players (Holder) Shot when there is a player the ball after the kick-off to help steady and accurate kicker kicker , this is called supporting players , generally speaking is the team's backup quarterback . Punt hand (Punter, P) Team punt kick high balls when people requires not only played much , but also accurate, sometimes there are magical short kick . Back hand attack (Returner, R) Kickoff and punt returner available , the player is usually the fastest players in the team , but not necessarily offensive player. Edit this paragraph Competition Rules

Venue The venue is 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. The venue slender white lines called yard line to help the players , referees and spectators to understand the offensive side the ball American football venues ??American football venues The process forward . Venue is probably the most important place in the end zone , and it is a score line on both sides of the venue and then extends outward 10 yards each region . This area is the place to score . When the ball one ball into each other's end zone , they score it. Game time Competition is divided into four sections, each 15 minutes . Called the first and second half . III and IV referred to the second half. Between the second half on a 12-minute intermission . The second half began , it will be the same as the start of the game and re- tee. The first section of the end of the first half and second half of the end of the third have two minutes rest time, both teams exchange sites , the original party entitled to the ball at the exchange site will continue after the attack. Offensive at the end of each attack must be within 40 seconds of time to start the next attack , or they will be punished. Game clock suspended in the following circumstances : pass fails, the player holding the ball out of bounds , the referee penalized. When the referee put the ball back at the start so that the two sides began attacking the ball , the game clock starts when you continue to remember . If the two sides in four tie the end of the game will be 15 minutes of extra time , press sudden death to determine the winner , which is the first score wins. Overtime began, the two sides a coin toss first guess , guess right side first attack. Player Position Each side have three groups perform different tasks: get the ball when one's own rights , the offensive group play ; when the other person to get the right to attack , defense group play ; special group only in some special circumstances play ( punt , kick and kick-off ) . Only the parties at any time, 11 players on the pitch . Kick-off The game kickoff . Kick-off process , the defensive side of the ball to open players on the side line of the tee 30 yards and then kicked the ball the offensive side . Offensive kickoff returner will catch the ball as far as possible to move forward until they were defending side interdiction . Offensive side and then intercept the ball was at the beginning of a attack. If the back hand attack in the end zone to catch each other's side kick , he has two choices. Either the ball out of the end zone , the impact of the other venues , until they were intercepted ; either after the ball touch the back knee touch the ground representation , that is, stopping signal, then the offensive side of the ball will be placed at the 20-yard line , the offense commenced an attack. From the 2010-2011 season, the kick-off line adjustment based side 35 yards line position . First attack Competition process is to use the code number to be measured. Try to promote more offensive yardage to the other side of the end zone approximation . When the offensive began an attack, there are four offensive opportunities , we must move forward at least 10 yards . If the offensive side to successfully promote at least 10 yards , then called up the first attack . Then the offensive side and get another round of four offensive opportunities. If an offensive attack did not advance 10 yards , you lose the right to attack . Therefore, not only to prevent the defender scored the offensive side , but also to stop the offensive attack in an advancing 10 yards or more. When the offensive side for the fourth offensive opportunities , it is usually punt the ball , that is, kicked the ball the other venues , make each other at the beginning of the offensive yardage in order to promote more scoring . Offensive Each attacks the ball from the start began . Kai ball line, quarterback loudly shouted a password offensive tactics , its front or center the ball to the quarterback handed the ball from the crotch , and then decide whether quarterback passing attack or run ball attack. Run the ball There are two ways to attack the offensive side . The first way is rushed the ball to each other , which usually occurs at quarterback and handed the ball after running back , running back and laid them out to fight each other's defense, move out as much yardage , quarterback You can also run the ball himself . Passing Another way is to attack the ball. Usually quarterback pass, of course, sometimes passing by the other players to confuse each other. In fact, any one of the offensive players can pass, as long as the ball is from the start line after the ball came . When the ball is caught by another offensive player , called the passing success . Ball players are usually wide receiver or tight end . If anyone catches the ball before touchdown , it is a pass fail. Intercept Defender by opposing ball fell to the ground to stop the other forward. When the offensive player of the knee or knees touch the ground , that is known to be intercepted , the opportunity to end the attack . When the offensive player out of bounds , ending a chance to attack . Scoring The purpose of the game is to score more . There are four ways to score : Touchdowns = 6 points Touchdown of the game in a way most points . There once was a party touchdowns additional points opportunities. To touchdown, the ball must cross the line of the end zone to score in the end zone to catch the ball in the end zone with a clean sheet . Additional points and two -point conversion = 1 or 2 points After touchdown , score square ball on the other two yard line , there are two options. Usually kicking an additional points , also called after scoring touchdowns , PAT. If successful touchdowns square ball into the goal , 1 point . Offensive side can also run the ball or the red ball touchdowns again take two minutes. Since more than 2 points 1 point the way to many difficulties , often choose to kick touchdowns side 1 minute . Kick = 3 points If the offensive touchdowns did not , it can try to kick score . Kick desirable three points , usually the final moments , a free kick determines the outcome of the game . Attack may at any time , any place at the venue kick . But usually in the fourth offensive opportunities, and advance to the defensive side of the ball 45 yard line , before choosing kick . Kicker scored the goal the ball must be between the two pole , bar above , considered score . Block the defensive side as much as possible the free kick . Security = 2 points When the offensive players to intercept the ball and is the defending side on the offensive side of the end zone , the defensive side 2 points . Loss of the ball Advancing in the direction of attack defensive side of the process, in both cases, the loss of the ball. Clean sheet When the ball or the ball accidentally sell players , it is a clean sheet . Any team can field two sides pounce to snatch the ball, or the ball toward the other end zone . Grab one if it is conceded former offensive side , then continue to attack ; if the defensive side , the parties defense conversion . Steals Defenseman in the air by the air passing stopped the offensive side to get the right to attack . Either lose the ball or intercept the ball , grab the ball and the other team members are immediately rushed to the end zone , for a touchdown . Edit this paragraph Former CEO Super Bowl (Super Bowl) is the National Football League 's annual championship game , the winner was known as the " world champion ." Super Bowl each year, usually a Vince Lombardy Cup ?

?Vince Lombardy Cup The last month or the first Sunday of February , the day known as Super Bowl Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday). Super Bowl is the name of the game , the trophy is named Vince Lombardy Cup (Vince Lombardi Trophy). Participate in the team for the season of the U.S. American football federation champion and national football federation champion. Over the years the Super Bowl are the nation's highest-rated television programs, and has become an unofficial national holiday . In addition, Super Bowl Sunday is the United States the second-highest single-day food consumption day , after Thanksgiving .